AARP Cell Phone Plans and Discounts

AARP cell phone plans

If you are over fifty with an AARP membership, you qualify to enjoy a discount. AARP members can save money with a number of wireless service providers.

Previously known as the American Association of Retired Persons (AARP), AARP has teamed up to offer discounted cell phone service to qualified members.

Consumer Cellular offers AARP Members a 5% discount on monthly service charges and 30% off eligible accessories. AT&T offers AARP Members a 10% discount on the monthly service cost of qualifying wireless plans, as well as a 15% discount for eligible accessories. Cricket Wireless offers a $20 mail rebate with every line of service when you purchase a phone.

An AARP discount help seniors save money on everything from cellular service to insurance. If you are 50 or older, or your spouse is, you can enjoy these discounts for an AARP membership fee of just $16 per year.

Consumer Cellular AARP Discount

Consumer Cellular aarp cell phone plans

Consumer Cellular offers AARP members a 30% discount on eligible accessories and a 5% discount on monthly service charges.

Customers say that Consumer Cellular has the best cell phone plan for seniors. Because it operates the AT&T network, it has excellent reception and coverage. It plans to offer call forwarding, caller identification, 3-way conference calls, call waiting, voicemail, and call forwarding.

Consumer Cellular is your prepaid phone provider. It offers a free trial for a month and easy-to-use cell phones. You can cancel the service at any time, without additional cost, if you don’t want it anymore.

But still some downside. You pay a monthly fee of $20 and a one-time fee of $35. customers also complain about limited styles of cell phones and slow customer support.

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AT&T AARP Discount

AT&T aarp cell phone plans

AT&T Wireless customers who are AARP members can save up to 10% on monthly talk and data charges. They also get 15% off eligible accessories AARP members get:

  • 10% Discount on monthly voice and data plans
  • Activation and upgrade fees waived up to $45
  • Get up to 15% off on eligible accessories for your phone.

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Benefits Of AARP Membership

AARP is home to more than 38 million senior citizens. Members of AARP have access to many discounts. These discounts include car rentals, vacation packages, restaurant reservations, and many other services and items. AARP assists seniors with financial security, community involvement, healthcare costs, and other issues.

The AARP offers a wide range of senior discounts on cell phone plans from major brands. T-Mobile, for example, may discontinue senior discounts and offer other discounts like employee discounts. To get the most current information about any discounts offered by AARP, log on to the membership section of the website and perform a search. They have previously offered discounts to places such as Verizon, AT&T, and Sprint.

Not AARP Member?

Tello Mobile – Most Affordable Plans

tello logo

Tello has a variety of cell phone plans that are suitable for seniors. Tello is a popular MVNO in America with flexible plans and low fees. You can even create your own plan.

Customers get nationwide 4G data, with no activation fees or contracts. T-Mobile’s network provides 4G and 5G coverage. You can cancel your service at any time if you are not satisfied with it.

All Tello’s plans come free calls to Canada, Mexico, and China, plus mobile hotspot access with WiFi calling through their application at no extra cost, along with visual voicemail and unlimited 2G data. If you are not happy with your plan, you still can change it at any time.

  • 1GB ($10/month): Unlimited talk and text, with 1GB of 4G data. data.
  • 2GB ($14/month): Unlimited talk and text, with 2GB of 4G data.
  • 4GB ($19/month): Unlimited talk and text, with 4G data of 4G data.
  • 6GB ($24/month): Unlimited talk, text, and 6GB of 4G data.
  • 8GB ($29/month): Unlimited talk, text, and 8GB of 4G data.
  • Unlimited ($39/month): Unlimited talk, text, and unlimited 4G data.

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Lively – Best Cell Phone Service For Seniors


Lively has no age restrictions for its cell phone service. However, the phones are great for seniors who want a simple plan that can be used to make calls, for travel, and for emergency purposes. Lively offers 24-hour customer service that can assist you with directory information, make calls on your behalf, add names to your telephone list, and provide other services. There may be additional charges for certain features.

For seniors who only need a phone for basic communications and emergency situations, Prepaid or Pay-As-You-Go plans are a great option. Prepaid plans are affordable, don’t require credit checks, have no monthly fixed invoices, and have no hidden fees.

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AARP Cell Phone Plans – Bottom line

Consumer Cellular is currently the best option for seniors who have an AARP membership. There are many wireless providers that offer discounts for seniors, and as we have mentioned, they often offer special deals.

Additionally, AARP membership is not required. However, they can inform you of the best cell phone carriers that offer you the most discounts based on your membership.

You don’t need to be an AARP member to receive the Lifeline support. The Lifeline Assistance program will offer you much better deals (in most cases, free plans, and phones) than an AARP membership.

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