AT&T Cell Phone Plans

AT&T Cell Phone Plans

The Best AT&T Cell Phone Plans in 2021

AT&T offers a variety of cell phone plans that include unlimited minutes, texts, data, and all with unlimited minutes. AT&T Mobility, the United States’ largest wireless network, has 176.7 million subscribers through AT&T and third-party internet/mobile providers who rent space on its network. AT&T’s 5G coverage in mobile covers more than 250,000 people in 14,000 towns and cities across the U.S. while its 5G Plus service is available in different parts of 13 cities.

AT&T Unlimited Cell Phone Plans

AT&T’s unlimited phone plan is available in three levels: Extra, Starter, and Elite. For your first line, the cost is $65, $75, and $85 respectively. The price per line goes down as you add lines and sign up for paperless billing and autopay. If you have four lines, prices drop to $35 per line in the Unlimited Starter plan and $40 per line in the Unlimited EliteExtra plan. The Unlimited ExtraElite plan costs $50 per line.

AT&T cell phone plans unlimited

AT&T Unlimited Starter plans include unlimited texting, talk time, and data within the United States, Mexico, and Canada. However, your speed may slow to 2G when you travel outside the country. These features are in addition to standard mobile security that includes spam and fraud call blocking, standard-definition streaming, and 5G access. The cost per month to add another line to your plan drops to $60 for two lines and $45 for three lines. It is $35 per month for four lines and $35 for five lines.

AT&T Unlimited Extra starts at $75. It gives you 50GB of premium data, 15GB hotspot data per connection, advanced mobile security that adds caller ID, identity monitoring, and other extras to manage your phone’s security. You can add more lines to your plan to reduce the cost. This includes $65 per month for two lines and $50 per month if you have three lines. For four lines, it is $40 per month, for four lines, $35 per month, for four lines, and for five lines.

AT&T Unlimited Elite plans cost $85 per line. It includes all features of Unlimited Extra but more high-speed data. Unlimited Elite plans offer 100 GB premium data and 30GB hotspot data per month. HD streaming and HBO Max are also available. The cost of adding lines to your plan drops to $75 per month if you have two lines and $60 per month if you have three lines. For four lines, the cost is $50 per month, for five lines it’s $45 per month.

AT&T offers a 4GB plan for $50 per month for one line, $45 per month per line for two lines, and $40 per month for up to five lines. Unlimited talk time, 4GB data per line in the US and Canada, as well as mobile hotspot capabilities and standard mobile security. You can also stream SD streaming and send unlimited text messages from the U.S. and over 120 countries. Overages of this plan are $10 per 2GB and are automatically added to your monthly bills for each line. The 4GB plan doesn’t have access to 5G, and there is no rollover.


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AT&T Prepaid Cell Phone Plans

AT&T’s Prepaid Plans are more budget-friendly and you only pay one month.

att cell phone plans prepaid

AT&T 8GB 12-month plan | $300 upfront ($25/mo)

AT&T’s 8GB annual plan is the cheapest prepaid plan. This plan does away with the traditional prepaid payment method where you pay per month and instead chooses to have a longer service period. You don’t need to sign any contract, but this is still a prepaid plan. This plan costs $25 per month and includes 8GB of 4G LTE, HD video, mobile hotspot, unlimited talk, text, and unlimited talk. You’ll need to pay $300 upfront. 8GB of data is not enough for streaming HD video, so it’s not a very feature-rich plan.

AT&T pay-monthly prepaid plans| $30 to $40 per month

AT&T offers traditional, pay-monthly, prepaid plans to its customers. They have the option of a 5GB plan at $30 per month or a 15GB plan at $40 per month. These prepaid AT&T plans offer 4G data, not 5G. However, you’ll get unlimited text and talk, as well as the mobile hotspot. We recommend the 8GB pay-yearly plan above if you have the option. It tends to be a better overall value than the monthly ones.

AT&T unlimited prepaid plans| $50 to $60 per month

AT&T currently offers two unlimited prepaid plans for $50 and $60 per month, respectively. The basic $50 plan includes unlimited 4G data, talk, and text as well as 480p video streaming. You will also need to pay an additional fee for a mobile hotspot. The $60 plan has more features, including full HD video streaming and a 10GB mobile hotspot allowance. There’s also 22GB of prioritized (5G) data that can’t be slowed down. We recommend the $60 plan if you want unlimited prepaid.


Check Out AT&T Prepaid Plans


Bottom Line: AT&T Phone Plans

AT&T Wireless has the best coverage and the fastest raw speeds. These speeds may not always be as fast as others, but this can depend on the plan you have and where you live. Users say that customer service is excellent and the plans offer a variety of options with affordable plans. They also include nice perks such as free HBO for unlimited top-end plans.

You should find something to suit everyone, including discounts for veterans and family members. This could be an option for your mobile phone carrier if you have good reception in your area.

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