AT&T Cell Phone Plans

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AT&T is known as one of the best cell phone service companies in the United States. It is impossible to watch television without seeing an advertisement for this company. But is it really worth having it? We have made a detailed review of your plans, prices, and coverage.

The AT&T network has the second fastest mobile broadband USA (the first being T-Mobile), and its cell phone selection is excellent. By having cellular service with AT&T, you can have tablets, access points and even the best cell phones of 2018 in a single plan.

Cell Phone Plans: In 2019, AT&T is offering two unlimited data plans that are worthwhile. We have searched among AT&T’s current offers and have recommendations for the best plans for families and plans with unlimited data. This company also offers prepaid plans that have some advantages.


AT&T allows you to accumulate your data. AT&T also allows you to reuse data in all your plans, including your prepaid offers. However, the data is only kept for one more month before it disappears.

Therefore, if you have only used 12 GB of your 15 GB plan in a given month, the 3 GB unused are transferred but disappear at the end of the month. (Verizon, which also added the extension data in 2016, works the same way).

However, AT&T has some problems.

One of them is that it does not stand out as the best company or does not offer leadership to any advantage. There is always a better option: Verizon has a wider coverage, T-Mobile far exceeds its speed, although if we can say it is much better than Sprint.

One of the aspects in which AT&T does stand out is the price since with some methods that we will share with you in this guide you will be able to have AT&T cell phone service for much less than the other companies.

At a glance, AT&T has plans that, at their prices, may seem more expensive than their main competitors: Verizon, T-Mobile, and Sprint. However, there are other methods that allow you to get AT&T service for a much lower price than you would even pay with the competition: Cricket Wireless.

Cricket is a cellular company without a contract operated by AT&T that stands out for being much more economical and offering better forms of payment. Because Cricket is a virtual mobile operator of AT&T (also known as MVNO ), you get the same coverage for the same price. It is an advantage if you want to save money by having AT&T service.

AT&T Cell Phone Plans and Prices

AT&T plans are generally more expensive than their competitors. Although recently this company changed its “rollover” policy and allow you to save the data you do not use.

AT&T offers discounts to workers of several companies, as well as academic discounts (you need to have an email address that ends in .edu). It also offers an exclusive 15% discount to members of worker unions.

AT&T also offers the AT&T Next service, which allows you to change cell phones every so often and have a new mobile without having to buy it.

Thinking that the average smartphone user requires about 3 GB of data every month, we think that the best AT&T cheap plan would be 3 GB. Although the plan is advertised for $ 40 a month, you will actually pay almost $ 60 a month when you calculate the additional expenses and taxes.

Unless you really need AT&T coverage, we think there are better options in the market (for example, the T-Mobile One plan).

If you want to have cellular service with AT&T you should also consider Cricket Wireless. This subsidiary company of AT&T operates with the same service towers and its plans are considerably cheaper.

Unlimited AT&T plan

at&t unlimited plans

The unlimited AT&T options do not offer much variety, although the service and coverage are very solid.

The Unlimited Choice Plan is the most affordable AT&T unlimited plan ($ 60 per month), but it limits the speed to 3 Mbps. With this plan, you can watch standard definition videos, but you do not get data or a hotspot. They also offer you the option to combine DIRECTV Now streaming with your wireless plan by paying $ 10 more per month.

Assuming you want a true unlimited experience, the Unlimited Plus plan is the best option, offering HD video streaming, free HBO and 10 GB of hotspot data.

You can also get a monthly discount of $ 25 on your TV service with DIRECTV if it is via satellite TV service or streaming service.


AT&T Prepaid Plan

at&t prepaid plans

AT&T GoPhone’s plan gives you the opportunity to choose the contract-free option, and thanks to some recent increases in data volume, you can compare very well with prepaid companies like MetroPCS and Cricket Wireless.

The best prepaid AT&T option provides 6GB of LTE data for $ 45 per month. By registering your automatic payment and you can save $ 5 each month, lowering the bill to $ 40.

If you want a large amount of data, AT&T also offers its prepaid customers an unlimited plan of $ 60 per month, with automatic payment.

However, you must remember that these prepaid plans, although unlimited, have a limited speed of 3 Mbps. Also if you use more than 22 GB of data in a month, AT&T can lower that speed one more time.

AT&T’s prepaid plans can be eye-catching if you need to add extra lines, while the operator offers multi-line discounts that increase as you add people.

For example, after the first line, AT&T drops $ 5 to the second line, $ 10 to the third line, and $ 15 to the fourth line. You can deduct an additional $ 5 per line if you enroll with automatic payment.


AT&T Family Plan

The best AT&T family plan will depend on how many GB of data you need each month. If you do not want to worry about the data, your best option will be AT&T’s Unlimited Plus plan . For a family of four, this plan will cost you $ 185 each month with automatic payments. ($ 90 for the first line, $ 55 for the second, and $ 20 for each additional line to those)

It should be noted that this is the most expensive unlimited option of AT&T, but you get 10 GB of hotspot data, the HBO channel and the possibility of streaming video with HD resolution.

AT&T Cell phones

AT&T offers many options in its selection of cell phones and devices. This operator offers the vast majority of cell phones with the operating system you are looking for (iPhone or Android)

Among its most popular cell phones are the latest models of the iPhone (such as Apple’s iPhone X and Samsung’s Galaxy line.) However, they have very few mid-range or low-end phones.

Also, you can buy a wide selection of tablets from manufacturers such as Samsung and Apple or buy mobile access points so that your laptop can connect to the Internet without having Wi-Fi.

AT&T offers new and refurbished devices. When you buy a used or renewed phone through AT&T you can save a minimum of $ 50 at its normal cost.

However, we do not like that your cell phone policy does not allow you to do so until you finish your 2-year contract or until you pay completely for the cost of the cell phone. What is the point of offering GSM phone service or with SIM card, if you can not unblock them?


AT&T Coverage and Signal (Voice and Data)

The AT&T network is solid. When we evaluated the 4G speed of the AT&T network, it was fast and flawless. It got the third fastest download place after Verizon and T-Mobile.

This is consistent with the data of the independent company OpenSignal, which found that the service and coverage of AT&T have improved a lot, especially after introducing better systems in 2017.

Another independent testing company: RootMetrics, ranks AT&T as a high-performing company, with second-rate speeds, just behind Verizon.

In terms of data speed, AT&T had the second fastest download speed nationwide, at 25.6 Mbps, just behind Verizon’s 36 Mbps average. However, T-Mobile (and its subsidiary, MetroPCS) had faster load averages than AT&T, and AT&T had the third fastest time in our application download test.

Nobody can argue that Verizon offers the best coverage in the United States, but everyone knows that Verizon is also the most expensive cell phone company in the USA.

AT&T stands out in having coverage that has nothing to envy Verizon, even in some of the most rural areas of the United States.

AT&T Customer Service

In customer service, AT&T stands out for having a series of very friendly operators, willing to help you solve any problem. In fact, they have received recognition from the JD Power agency for their good customer service.

In our experience, we noticed that customer service is efficient and we did not have to wait long to talk to an operator, who answered us without problems. In addition, AT&T also offers customer service in Spanish that really works.

Additional Benefits of Having AT&T

Before choosing an AT&T plan, here are some advantages and things you should do if you want to change to this company and save money:

Combine your phone with your television service

As an AT&T customer, you get discounts on your DIRECTV factor.

For example, Unlimited Choice plan customers can pay $ 70 for wireless and TV service ($ 60 for the wireless plan and $ 10 for DIRECTV Now). For Unlimited Plus customers, that same package costs $ 100 per month.

However, we warn you that DIRECTV’s opinions vary among many clients (some satisfied, others not) and it depends a lot on the area where you live.

AT&T in Mexico, Canada, and the United States

If you have an unlimited plan, you can travel without worry, since AT&T offers text, voice, and data in Canada and Mexico.

If you travel internationally, you can get the AT&T International Pass for $ 10 per day. This pass allows you to use your cell phone in more than 100 countries.

For travelers on long trips, AT&T offers the Passport travel, which starts at $ 60 and lasts 30 days. They will give you 1GB of data when traveling.

Note: if you travel a lot and do not want to pay extra money for using your cell phone outside of the United States, a better option will be T-Mobile One’s T-Mobile One plan.

AT&T Locker

As an AT&T customer, you get the Locker service. This free online storage service offers 50 GB, which is much more than you can get with a service like Google Drive or Dropbox.


In conducting our review of AT&T service and coverage, we realized that this company has a lot to offer: good data speeds, robust and reliable coverage and a large selection of cell phones.

However, we must admit that in terms of price, AT&T can offer more, since the competition offers phone service for less money. Unless you have your AT&T service through Cricket Wireless, your company has no contracts that allow you to get the same AT&T coverage for less money.

If you want to know more about AT&T and its service or have any questions about this company, you can leave us a comment in the bottom part and we will help you answer your questions.

Is it worth AT&T? How is AT&T service and coverage? If you have had any experience (good or bad) with this company or if you would recommend it to your friends, leave us a comment below and tell us your opinion about AT&T.