Best Cell Phone Plans For College Students


Best Cell Phone Plans For College Students

Being a student means making budget your middle name. What better place to start than with your cell phone plan? You want enough minutes, lots of texting, and a data plan that won’t quit.

College is an expensive experience I’m sure all of you would love to save a few extra bucks here and there and it’s important to be aware of your options – there are several different network providers, different types of plans and a wide range of costs, so consider what kind of plan is best for you.

Now many colleges and universities have excellent Wi-Fi coverage they blanket their campus in this beautiful fast reliable Wi-Fi network, you’re going to be on the Wi-Fi network most of the time so as result I’m focusing on cell phone plans that include minimal amounts of data but of course still includes unlimited talk and text so you can chat it up with your friends and stay in touch with your mom and dad. Here are our top picks for best cell phone plans for college students in 2018.

Best Cell Phone Plans For College Students


T-Mobile offers some of the best discounts for teachers and students out of all the popular wireless carriers. They have discounts for phones and tablets. In order to be eligible for these discounts, you must be a college student at an eligible college in the United States, K-12 staff, or college staff. To sign up you will need to call T-Mobile at 877-447-1264 or visit in order to receive your discount.


Tello Plan

Tello offers $25 a month plan with unlimited talking text and 2GB of LTE data, Tello is a fully build-your-own, contract-free provider. Besides shunning contracts, Tello phone plans also steer clear of overages, activation and termination fees, and other surprise costs.


  • Price: $14/mo
  • Minutes: Unlimited
  • Text: Unlimited
  • Data: 1GB of LTE Data


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TPO Mobile

TPO Mobile with their $16 a month gets you 1000 minutes unlimited text and 500 MB of LTE data I think 500 MB of data will probably be fine for most college students because of the campus Wi-Fi but if you find you need more data TPO mobile also has you covered, paying $25 a month plan gets you unlimited talk and text with 2GB of LTE data.

tpo mobile cell phone plans

  • Price: $16/mo (with AutoPay)
  • Minutes: 1000 Minutes
  • Text: Unlimited Text
  • Data: 500 MB of LTE Data


Total Wireless Plan

Total Wireless with their $25 per month plan with unlimited talk and text. Every plan on Total Wireless offers unlimited minutes and text messages, with the mobile data allotment being the difference in pricing.


  • Price: $25/mo
  • Minutes: Unlimited
  • Text: Unlimited
  • Data: –


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FreedomPop Plan

FreedomPop with their standard free plan which comes with 200 minutes of calls, 500 texts and 500 MB of data each month. For others who need a higher level of calling or data, they can choose to upgrade to paid plans.


  • Price: Free
  • Minutes: 200
  • Text: 500
  • Data: 500 MB


US Mobile Discount For Students

US Mobile they have great plans for students by offering free SIM cards and customizable plans so you can choose the amount of talk, text, and data that will fit your needs. Their talk buckets range from $3 for 100 minutes to $15 for 5,000 minutes, text range from $2 for 100 texts to $7 for 5000 texts, and Data buckets start at $2 for 100 MB and extend out to $26 for 5 GB.

us mobile plans

  • Price: $17/mo
  • Minutes: 1000
  • Text: Unlimited
  • Data:


Project-Fi Plan

The Project Fi plan is for all the Nexus owners out there, $30 a month gets you unlimited talk and text with 1GB of LTE data and Project Fi pay you back for any of your unused data in theory you should have a lot of unused data because you’re on campus Wi-Fi most of the time, as a result, this plan will end up being cheaper than $30 a month.

project fi plans

  • Price: $30
  • Minutes: Unlimited Talk
  • Text: Unlimited Text
  • Data: 1 GB of LTE Data

Coverage is also strong because Project Fi simultaneously uses the Sprint and T-Mobile networks, not only that but do defies integration with Google voice and hangouts to actually be able to make calls and send text anywhere you have Wi-Fi this could come in handy if you’re to building the block so reception but is good Wi-Fi collectivity.


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