Best Prepaid Cell Phone Plans

For people who don’t like the idea of signing a long-term contract then choosing the best prepaid cell phone plans might fit your needs. A prepaid phone plan is the only way to control your monthly cell phone bill. You recharge your phone account with the amount you want to spend each month, and your plan is limited by this recharge amount. There are no excess usage charges. If you have ever been caught out by a huge monthly cell phone bill and you want to make sure it will never happen again, then the prepaid cell phone plan is the perfect solution for you.

You will find that using prepaid cell phone plans is a great idea if you are living on a strict budget which does not allow for the use of unlimited phone usage. With these prepaid cell phone plans, you can look at the different plans to find one that is perfect for you.

As a result of this prepaid plans is a perfectly good way to save you money. The various prepaid cell phone plans that you will find are the perfect answer to your phone bills.

We’ve examined the best prepaid phone plans in the USA to make your search a bit easier. Here is our list of the best prepaid cell phone plans available in 2018:

Tello Prepaid Plans


Tello is known for its customizable no-contract plans that give you full control of your minutes, texts, and data. You can choose exactly how much you need of each to cut out things you don’t use to hopefully save some money.

All of Tello’s plans are prepaid. Options starting as low as $5 per month for a single line of service. From there, simply add a la carte services to create your ideal plan. The best affordable plan at the time of writing is $14 per month.

  • $10/month: 200 minutes, unlimited text and 500 MB
  • $14/month: unlimited talk, text and 1 GB
  • $24/month: unlimited talk, text and 3 GB
  • $39/month: unlimited talk, text and 10 GB for $39/month

Republic Wireless Prepaid Plans



Republic Wireless offers affordable prepaid cell phone plans with no hidden fees starting at $15 a month, all of their plans includes unlimited talk, text and wifi data with the different amount of cell phone data. Republic Wireless has a very interesting model, Adaptive Coverage represents a cell phone’s ability to switch seamlessly between Wi-Fi and a wireless network.

  • $15/mo: Unlimited talk and text
  • $20/mo: Unlimited talk, text and 1 GB of data
  • $25/mo: Unlimited talk, text and 2 GB of data
  • $30/mo: Unlimited talk, text and 3 GB of data

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TPO Mobile Prepaid Plans

tpo mobile

TPO cell phone plans come with US-based, prepay cell phone service, no-contract plans, no activation fees, no credit checks, a nationwide 4G LTE network, and the ability to keep your existing phone number. You can also save $5 a month on your bill with AutoPay and get a $10 free credit or $5 free cash for referring friends to TPO. TPO monthly plans are cheap with an unlimited talk and text plan and 1GB of data starting at just $21.

  • Gentle Plan: 500 minutes, 500 texts and 250 MB for $10/month
  • Kind Plan: 1000 minutes, unlimited text and 500 MB for $16/month
  • People’s Plan: unlimited talk, text and 1 GB for $21/month
  • Noble Plan: unlimited talk, text and 2 GB for $25/month
  • Caring Plan: unlimited talk, text and 3 GB for $35/month
  • Thoughtful Plan: unlimited talk, text and 4 GB for $45/month

US Mobile Prepaid Plan

us mobile plans

US Mobile runs on T-Mobile’s network and has more than 300 different plans to choose from. Simply pick the talk, text, and data you need and enjoy an average phone bill of less than $20/month. All customers also get a free VPN service, which enables you to be online in privacy.

US Mobile offers a personal dashboard where you get a full overview of your usage, which makes it easy to customize your plan to your actual needs. You can upgrade and downgrade your base plan every month and top up talk, text, and data during a month without surcharges. The top-up also rolls over to the next month if it’s unused. US Mobile is contract-free and allows you to snooze your phone plan while still getting to keep your number. You can bring your phone or buy a new one in US Mobile’s shop. US Mobile doesn’t have activation fees.

  • $19/mo: 500 minutes, 500 texts and 300 MB of data
  • $25/mo: 500 minutes, 500 texts and 1 GB of data
  • $28/mo: 1000 minutes, 1000 texts and 1 GB of data
  • $33/mo: 1000 minutes, 1000 texts and 2 GB of data

T-Mobile Prepaid Plans

T-Mobile offers two prepaid plans starting at $45 a month which includes unlimited talk, text, and data with up to 4GB of 4G LTE and unlimited music streaming with the freedom to bring your own device or purchase a T‑Mobile device and the ability to keep your number when you switch to T‑Mobile. T-Mobile has not the cheapest cell phone plans out there. If however, speed is a deciding factor for you.

  • $45/mo: Unlimited talk, text and 4 GB of data
  • $55/mo: Unlimited talk, text and 6 GB of data
  • $75/mo: Unlimited talk, text, and data

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Simple Mobile Prepaid Plans

simple mobile logo

Simple Mobile is a GSM prepaid cell phone service provider with several monthly unlimited plans available. Any T-Mobile branded or unlocked GSM phone which uses a SIM card can be activated with Simple Mobile. all their plans include unlimited talk, unlimited national and international texts plus unlimited international calling to landlines in 64 countries and unlimited international calling to mobiles in Canada, Mexico, India, China and 16 more countries. The only difference is the amount of phone data you select.

  • $25/mo: Unlimited talk, text and 1 GB of data
  • $30/mo: Unlimited talk, text and 2 GB of data
  • $40/mo: Unlimited talk, text and 6 GB of data
  • $50/mo: Unlimited talk, text and 4G LTE speed with videos streaming.
  • $60/mo: Unlimited talk, text and 4G LTE speed with Videos streaming plus 10 GB for hotspot

Tracfone Prepaid Plans


TracFone is one of the largest prepaid carriers in the nation, especially since it owns a large number of subsidiary MVNOs like Straight Talk and Net10.

TracFone offers two types of plans – monthly value plans and pay-as-you-go plans. Tracfone pay-as-you-go plan, which is a good option if you travel a lot and don’t rely on your cell phone device often. The basic cell phone plans range from 60 minutes for 30 service days to 3000 minutes for 365 service days. However, as far as smartphone pay-as-you-go plans go, your selection ranges from the 30-day plan that includes 200 minutes, 500 texts, and 200MB of data to the yearly plan that includes 1500 minutes, 1500 texts, and 1.5GB of data.

  • $15/mo: 200 minutes, 500 texts and 500 MB of data (30 service days)
  • $20/mo: 300 minutes, 1000 texts and 1 GB of data (30 service days)
  • $25/mo: 300 minutes, 1000 texts and 500 MB of data (60 service days)
  • $35/mo: 750 minutes, 1000 texts and 1 GB of data (60 service days)
  • $45/mo: 750 minutes, 1000 texts and 1.5 GB of data (90 service days)
  • $50/mo: 750 minutes, 1500 texts and 2 GB of data (90 service days)
  • $125/mo: 1500 minutes, 1500 texts and 1.5 GB of data (365 service days)

Straight Talk Prepaid Plans

Straight Talk domestic plans aren’t the most you can get for your money, the international plan is quite useful. This is especially the case when it comes to the unlimited voice to other Straight Talk customers in China, India, Mexico, and Canada, as international calls can add up quickly.

  • Basic ($30/mo): This plan includes 1500 minutes talk and unlimited texts plus 100MB of data
  • Unlimited Nationwide ($45/mo): This plan gives you unlimited calls and texts, 5GB of data at high speed, and unlimited data at 2G thereafter.
  • Unlimited Nationwide ($55/mo): This plan gets you unlimited voice and text, and 10GB of high-speed data.
  • Unlimited International ($60/mo): This plan offers you unlimited calls and texts within the U.S., plus unlimited talk time and text messages to selected international destinations. You get 5GB of data at high speed and unlimited data at 2G. You also get unlimited calls (mobile-to-mobile) to numbers in China, India, Mexico, and Canada.

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How To Find The Best Prepaid Cell Phone Plan

Budget: If you choose a prepaid cell phone It is more likely because you want to skip the monthly bill surplus. you are not alone. nearly one in five Americans see the smartphone as a financial burden, even before browsing the available plans. Select how much you can spend based on your total budget.

Plans: You spend most of your time texting your family and friends? Or do you use your cell phone mostly to surf the Internet and check emails? Do you need a prepaid plan or family plan? And how much data do you use on average? Answer all those questions before selecting any plan. If you find that you are leaning heavily in one area over the other, a prepaid cell phone plan may be your best bet.

Coverage: Before browsing the plans and phones available, be sure the carrier services your region by conducting a coverage search.

Prepaid cell phones are an attractive option because they can help you control costs while providing all the choices you get with postpaid service, including unlimited plans. If budgeting is a constant challenge, a prepaid cell phone may be just the solution. They all have their pros and cons but it’s ultimately up to you to decide which one suits your monthly budget.

A prepaid cell phone plan is an excellent choice for kids, teaching them how to control the amount of cell phone plan they use without being scared if they pass the limit of cell phone plan because they get a limited number of calls, texts, and data

Many people also find prepaid cell phone plans are a great choice for seniors who may not use a cell phone often. there is a pay as you go plan which includes a long expiry period, just pop a sim card into a phone and it is available when you need it, but you won’t need to recharge it every month.

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    Tello is available. It’s 3¢/min voice, 1¢/min SMS, 2¢/MB data. A $5 minimum refill is required that doesn’t expire if some phone use occurs within 6 months. And there’s no charge for BYOD.

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