Cheapest Cell Phone Plans 2020

Cheapest Cell Phone Plans 2020

With hard economic times, everyone is looking for an opportunity to save money. Your cell phone bill is one area where you can make big saves if only you know some of the cheapest cell phone plans. The downside of most cell phone plans is that they can be quite expensive. Depending on what plan you choose, you could end up paying fees for things that you don’t need.

If you are looking to obtain an affordable cell phone plan, then you will have to conduct quite a bit of research to find it. Hundreds of providers and sub-providers exist in the world today.

It is important for everybody to closely scrutinize their budget to see where they can reduce costs. This is why finding more about the best cheap cell phone plans are of great importance when it comes to cutting down your expenses.

Seven out of 10 people could save thousands of dollars a year by switching to a better plan that costs a lot less and still keeps or upgrade your service (coverage, minutes, texts, data, etc)

Most cell phone companies offer unlimited talk and text, the only difference is the data plan.

Data is what makes your bill expensive so:

  • Only pay for the amount of data you need
  • AND Remember always use wifi whenever possible to avoid extra data charges

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The 10 Best Cheapest Cell Phone Plans 2020

Almost all prices are susceptible to change so please check the service plan website for current information details.

Tello Mobile – Most Affordable Plans

tello mobile

Tello is one of the most popular cheap cell phone plans in the market, and for good reason. Tello is a prepaid carrier that provides coverage using Sprint’s network. Their plans are based on the idea of building your own calling, texting and data plan that fits your specific needs and budget. They call it, “Build Your Own Plan”. Users can bring their own phone to the service if it is compatible, and that compatibility can be tested here. or purchase a new one from Tello.

  • $8/month: Unlimited talk & text including calls to Mexico, Canada & China.
  • $10/month: 1 GB data, unlimited talk & text + calls to Mexico, Canada & China.
  • $14/month: 2 GB data, unlimited talk & text + calls to Mexico, Canada & China.
  • $19/month: 4GB data, unlimited talk & text + calls to Mexico, Canada & China.
  • $24/month: 6GB data, unlimited talk & text + calls to Mexico, Canada & China.
  • $29/month: 8GB data, unlimited talk & text + calls to Mexico, Canada & China.
  • $39/month: 12GB data, unlimited talk & text + calls to Mexico, Canada & China.

Check out Tello Plans

Republic Wireless – Best for Talk and Text


Republic Wireless is an option that isn’t as established as other brand names and hopefully, they can last to deliver another inexpensive option with the power of free Wi-Fi to offer affordable phone plans for its users. The company’s “best value” plan now costs $30 for unlimited talk, text, and Wifi data and 2 GB of cell data.

Base plans start at around $15 per month, which is extremely affordable if you only need bare-bones coverage and usage with no contract, no hidden fees or surprises. The only downside of their plans is that you can’t bring your own phone.

  • $15/month: Unlimited talk & text
  • $20/month: 1GB data, unlimited talk & text.
  • $25/month: 2GB data, unlimited talk & text.
  • $30/month: 3GB data, unlimited talk & text.

Check out Republic Plans

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Twigby – Best Cheap Customized Plans



Another cheapest cell phone plans on our list come from Twigby. Twigby phone service allows its customers to create their own affordable plan based on monthly usage with no contracts or activation fees. Each of Twigby’s plans is prepaid with no contracts and comes with free unlimited text messages, so you don’t have to worry about paying extra for texting. Their plans start at just $12 for free unlimited texting, 200 minutes and 150MB of data. Twigby plans are good for those who don’t need a ton of data, as they do not offer an unlimited high-speed data option.

Note: Twigby is giving its new customers 25% off on their first 6 months of service.

  • $9.75/month: unlimited talk & text
  • $14.25/month: 1GB data, unlimited talk & text
  • $17.25/month: 2GB data, unlimited talk & text
  • $21.00/month: 3GB data, unlimited talk & text
  • $24.75/month: 5GB data, unlimited talk & text
  • $32.25/month: 10GB data, unlimited talk & text

Check out Twigby Plans

Xfinity Mobile – Best Cheap Network Coverage

xfinity mobile

Xfinity Mobile is another popular option for those looking for cheap cell phone plans. If you live in a location in the US where Comcast already offers its Internet and cable TV service, you might be able to get its wireless phone service as well.

XFINITY Mobile is an MVNO owned by Comcast offering attractive low-cost plans with 18 million hotspots. To become an Xfinity Mobile customer, you must first be an Xfinity Internet Service customer.

With XFINITY Mobile you can either pay “by the gig” or purchase their unlimited data plan. The average Verizon user on an unlimited plan uses about 4 GB of data per month. However, we’ve found that purchasing 4 GB of monthly data usage through Xfinity actually costs more than their unlimited plan.

Note: Available only to people with Comcast Infinity Internet subscribers.

  • $12/month: 1GB of data ($12/GB), unlimited talk & text
  • $45/month: Unlimited data, talk & text (reduced speeds after 20GB)

Check out Xfinity Plans

Simple Mobile – Cheap High-Speed Data

simple mobile

Simple Mobile is another great, cheap option that has a variety of nationwide and international plans that vary in data allowance. Simple Mobile offers 4G LTE data on nearly all of its unlimited plans. Their plans have the most data compared to other Tracfone subsidiaries such as NET10, Telcel, and Page Plus. The simple Mobile most affordable plan includes unlimited talk, text and 1GB of data for $25 a month.

  • $25/month: 1GB data, unlimited talk & text.
  • $30/month: 2GB data, unlimited talk & text.
  • $40/month: 12GB data, unlimited talk & text.

Check out Simple Mobile Plans

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Total Wireless – Best Budget Carrier

total wireless offers cheapest cell phone plans

Total Wireless is one of a growing choice of super cheap cell phone carriers with plans that starts at $35 a month, once you factor tax in. it runs on Verizon’s network, depends on Wi-Fi to bolster simple services, which is a pretty great price for minimal to medium use. Total Wireless has been in service for nearly 2 years and it is actually a TracFone owned brand. Total Wireless most inexpensive Plan includes unlimited talk and texts for $25 a month.

  • $25/month: Unlimited talk & text
  • $35/month: 5GB data, Unlimited talk & text.

Check out Total Wireless Plans

AT&T – Best Daily Plan

at&t wireless

AT&T pay as you go plan charges $2 per day instead of per minute. That means you could talk or text as much as you want and you’ll still be charged $2 at the end of the day. Very convenient for business people who communicate with clients on a daily basis. The only downside of this cell phone plan is that you’ll be charged even if you only send a single text to one person. It’s still $2 every day. This $2 per day cell phone plan uses the same prepaid SIM cards as other cell phone plans and the expiry date of the card you purchase will still apply.

  • $2/day — Unlimited talk & text.

Check out AT&T Plans

T-Mobile – Best Pay as You Go Plan


T-Mobile wireless

T-Mobile Pay As You Go plan is a profitable choice to make, you would like the ease of getting a mobile phone, this is really the case or you simply plan to make a couple of brief calls monthly, you can still avoid the monthly plan with no contract and move to their $100 which gives 1000 minute call and that takes 12 months prepaid minute plan. Includes nationwide coverage and long-range, caller ID, no contract, voicemail, call waiting, no check credit. Additionally, you will get an Android SmartPhone if you want.

  • $3/day — 30 minutes of calls and texts in any combination.

Check out T-Mobile Plans

Freedompop – Cheap No Contract Plan

freedompop logo - cheapest cell phone plans 2019

FreedomPop claims to be one of the cheapest cell phone plans in the market. FreedomPop offers a completely free plan which includes a bundle of free minutes, text and even some data usage on a smartphone. They even have a BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) plan where you can use their service (even the free one) on your own phone. and if the allotted free minutes are not enough, you can pay a low price for more minutes and texts, and if you really want it all, there is unlimited talk, texting, unlimited data plan. On top of all this, there are no contracts for any of the plans.

  • Free: 200 minutes, 500 texts, and 500 MB of data.
  • $10/mo: Unlimited talk, text, and 500 MB of data.
  • $20/mo: Unlimited talk, text, and 1 GB of data.

Check out Freedompop Plans

Ting – Low Cost Flexible Plans


ting Mobile offers cheapest cell phone plans for 2019

Ting offers a flexible plan which tends to attract the type of customer who only wants to pay for the minutes and data they use. They place all of their services into pricing buckets and allow consumers to move freely through them each month as their needs change to offer fair pricing based on actual usage. This pricing schedule means you never pay more than you’ll use, which can truly benefit those who just need a phone for emergencies. Plus, no contracts and no commitments.

With a lot of plan combinations, you can make your own cheap cell phone plan that will fit your needs and your budget. For example, keeping a device activated costs $6 per month, 1–100 minutes costs $3 per month, 1-100 text messages costs $3 per month, and 1-100MB of data costs $3 per month.

  • $15/month: 100 minutes and 1000 texts plus international calling and texting to 60+ countries.
  • $24/month: 100 minutes and 1000 texts and 500 MB of data plus international calling and texting to 60+ countries.

Check out Ting Plans

People will normally look into the words “cheap” and “best” differently.  What is good for you may not necessarily be good for the other person r the next one. The main aim is to locate the best that can suit your needs at the cheapest price possible. Compromise is a great consideration since you will have to leave out some of the features in order to reduce costs. All these are dependent on your fixed budget.

You need to closely access the plans that are available since they are few. Try to look at each plan first without being picky to help you understand what is best for you. Normally there could be postpaid or prepaid service. Remember that in both categories, you have family members that presently use the service.

If you want to locate budget-friendly cell phones that are not strained to a plan then you need to consider the pay as you go plan or the prepaid service. If you are not ready to commit to a specific set plan, the pay as you go and prepaid would be the best option. Study more about the options closely. The pay as you go plan would mean that you will be charged based on the minutes that you used. It is allowed for you to renew or cancel the service before expiry time without any penalty.

If you want to commit to a set contract, then you will benefit from the better selection of phones unlike the cheaper high-end phones for typical contracts. An unlimited phone contract would be the best for those people who make calls more often. What is paramount is the real usage of the phone. Don’t even think of signing up for a contract that will not provide you with enough resources in terms of texts and minutes since once you overuse them you will incur extra costs which normally results in you paying more money, sometimes higher than an unlimited plan.

Why A Family Plan?

Normally, a family cell phone plan is ideal for a typical family that has teenagers. For adult children, couples and parents who stay in different homes. Make sure that the people who will be utilizing the plan and that the members communicating through the plan won’t lead to further problems.

You need to go straight to the point when finding a new cell plan that is more economical than the one you are used to. You can find a wide range of options that are available which is why you need to benefits and the disadvantages of any options that you are going to pick from.


Determining the budget is the most important factor when you are going to select cheap cell phone plans. You must allocate a budget that indicates how much you are willing to pay per month for your mobile phone and that would help you to make your list short by eliminating the mobile choices that you can’t afford.

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