Cheapest Cell Phone Service Providers

Among all the cell phone companies in the USA, how to know which is the cheapest cell phone company with the best service? To help you, we have reviewed the recommended carriers to show you which ones are really worth it.

To find the best cheap service provider, we have evaluated both the price, the coverage (for calls and data) and the variety of cell phones of several cell phone providers without a contract.

These are the best cheap cell phone service providers recommended:

  1. Boost Mobile: Their 4 lines plan for $100 Unlimited Gigs continues to be one of the better deals in the cell phone industry.
  2. Tello: Flexible plans let you assemble talk, text and data limits that fit your usage.
  3. Republic Wireless: Appealing range of plans; Use of Wi-Fi keeps plan costs down.
  4. Cricket Wireless: this company is cheaper if you have a family plan. You pay up to $100 for 5 lines with this service.
  5. T-Mobile One: Best unlimited plan with the best price. They pay you the subscription to Netflix with your best plan: T-Mobile One.

1. Boost Mobile

Boost Mobile

Boost Mobile is a MVNO cell service provider using the Sprint network.  By MVNO, I basically mean they are selling you sprint service, but at a lower price.

Boost Mobile is offering new lower prices and increased data for a limited time. Their lowest plan is now starting at $35 and they have doubled the data for all their plans. Remember, this is for a limited time!

  • Price: $40/Month Plan – With this plan, you get unlimited talk, text, and data.  You also get 500mb of high-speed data which is 3G/4G speeds.  Once you hit that mark, you will be throttled down to 2G speeds, which is almost unusable.  If you are not a big data user, this might be a good plan for you.
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boost mobile carrier

2. Tello


Tello is a Sprint MVNO carrier which offers refreshingly simple and flexible plans. There are almost no monthly fees. You can fully customize your plan to fit your needs and change the plan at any time, with the previous minutes/texts/data rolling over for the next 30 days, even if there’s only 1 day left on your billing period.

You can even choose to have zero minutes, texts, or data but just note that there is a $5 minimum for pre-paid plans. Overall Tello is our favorite carrier in the roundup by offering the best balance of price, flexibility, and features that should appeal to almost anybody.

  • Price: $14 per month for unlimited talk and text and 1GB of data, this is the best cheap cell phone plan in my opinion.
  • >> See Tello Plans and Offers

Cheapest Cell Phone Service Providers 1

3. Republic Wireless


Republic Wireless has one of the cheapest cell phone plans in the market and this is because this company uses Wi-Fi to make calls and save on expenses that would be paid to large companies for using their signal towers. When you are not connected to WiFi, you can call and use data with the network.

You can get cellular service with this cheap cell phone company for only $10 a month, which is great if you’re looking for a cheap cell phone service that allows you to make calls freely.

4. Cricket Wireless

cricket wireless logo

Cricket Wireless is definitely the cheapest cell phone company in 2018. This company is a virtual mobile operator (also known as MVNO) that offers AT&T service and coverage at a cheaper price.

Cricket has revolutionized the market for its cheaper service than the competition, combined with good coverage. In addition, your family plans offer you to service up to $20 per month for each line (in fact, it is not necessary to be family, any 5 people can take advantage of these good prices).

5. T-Mobile

t-mobile logo

The cheapest mobile phone company with a contract is undoubtedly T-Mobile. With T-Mobile, you have the option of choosing the phone you want (in most cases you must make an initial payment) and you finance it in payments of $20 per month (usually for 2 years).

The T-Mobile service is one of the best in 2018, so you’ll always have a good signal no matter where you go.

T-Mobile’s customer service has improved a lot, so if you have a problem with your cell phone, they can help you solve it.

Although T-Mobile has said that there will be no contracts for its customers, we are including this company in this section because the cost of the phone is financed at 2 years.

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6. FreedomPop


FreedomPop is proud to promote its totally free cellular service provider, which is why it is among the best cheap cell phone service providers.

This plan offers up to 1GB of 4G data plus 200 minutes of unlimited voice and text messages. Actually, it’s completely free.

FreedomPop does not require any type of contract and there are no cancellation fees or any other charges that customers do not have to pay with other mobile service providers. The company uses the Sprint network, which means that its coverage can be better.

Probably you will give gut that 1GB of data is not enough if you want to listen to music or watch videos on your cell phone. This means that this free cell phone plan will suit you only if you use the Internet lightly.

What happens if you surpass your data for free? That’s where FreedomPop starts charging you.

Being close to your limit, you will receive an email that will notify you of an automatic top-up and give you the opportunity to opt out of having more data or pay the additional fee.

It is important to keep in mind that cell phone service is free for one year. After that, you will usually pay $10.99 per month for the same service, which is completely reasonable and economical.

7. Straight Talk

straight talk logo

Although Straight Talk is not as well known, we are really impressed by its cheap service and an unlimited selection of cell phones. This is a cell phone company sponsored by Walmart, so it has a good backup company.

With Straight Talk, you can buy a cell phone online and enjoy the best service. Your 4G Internet speeds are the best. In addition, Straight Talk gives you a free cell phone so you can have cellular service with them.

If you like iPhone cell phones, you can buy an iPhone over the Internet and then buy the Straight Talk SIM card and receive the same coverage you receive as if you had an iPhone with AT&T or T-Mobile (all for the same price of $50 per month).

8. MetroPCS

metropcs cell phone plans

MetroPCS is one of the cheapest cell phone companies. Its excellent customer service and variety make it an excellent option. They also offer unlimited cellular service and the 4G Internet.

They have a large selection of cell phones for you to choose from, but these can only be used with Metro PCS because the Metro service is CDMA (does not use SIM cards).

9. Total Wireless


company of cellular Total Wireless offers unlimited plans of voice and cellular telephone with a cost of $35 to the month (it includes 5 GB of data).

This is a company operated by TracFone, the largest cellular company with no-contract in the USA.

The company has very attractive prices of up to $25 for voice and texts only. they also have very good options in family plans without a contract. As for cell phones, it also has a large selection including the iPhone X.

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10. TracFone


Tracfone is a service that allows you to buy minutes and use the Verizon service. The company offers Verizon coverage and the ability to use Verizon Wireless phones.

It also allows you to buy a 2,000-minute card for only $80 that also lasts a full year. Keep in mind that Tracfone charges a service fee of $0.50 on the 25th of each month, which will be deducted from the balance of the recharge card.

Among the cheap cell phone plans that Tracfone offers you allow you to buy 100 minutes for $10, which lasts 120 days after activation.

If you do this surcharge 3 times a year and do not talk too much over the phone, you can have a cellular service for only $30 per year ($10 x 3 times per year, although you still have to pay a service charge of 50 cents per month).

The only disadvantage is that you must carefully monitor the use of the minutes.

Although the phone selection of this company is limited, you can get Verizon phones on sites like eBay and Amazon when you buy from a reliable seller.

TracFone offers one of the best cell phone plans of 2018 with Verizon, AT&T, T-Mobile, and Sprint service at a reduced price. This company allows you to buy 800 minutes for $120 with a duration of one year. The good thing is that future refills come at a half price.

Then you can buy 120 minutes for $20 which will last 90 days, or $6.66 per month.

11. Net10 Wireless

net10 wireless cell phone plans

Net10 Wireless has redesigned its plans (which were already economical) and has lowered its prices. This cheap cell phone company offers the same Verizon Wireless coverage at a cheap price.

With this plan, you can use any Verizon phone without having to unlock them.

This also means that you can use a Verizon iPhone (even if it is not unlocked) and only pay $100 a year for good service, instead of more than $700 (for example, with the company’s AT&T service ).

12. US Cellular

us cellular logo

US Cellular is a cheap cell phone company serving 23 US states, and in some of those states, the service is available in just a few counties.

If you live in an area where US Cellular is available, you will enjoy national coverage thanks to operator roaming agreements.

Although this is one of the cheapest cellular service companies, we had to give it last place due to the lack of operations in most states.

In spite of everything, the coverage of this cellular company is complete and offers a great variety of phones (like the iPhone 8) financed. In addition, you do not charge for activating a line or for passing on your data.

Cheap phones for your cell phone plan

Do you need a cell phone for your new service plan? You can get cheap unlocked cell phones on sites like eBay or Amazon with prices as low as $25.

After obtaining a cell phone, you only need a SIM card kit (which you can buy on online).

If you have any questions about the cheapest cell phone company in the United States, you can leave us a comment below. Also, if you have a cheap cell phone company different from these you can comment on your experience with it and if you would recommend it to others.

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