Google Fi Cell Phone Plans

Google Fi Cell Phone Plans

The Best Google Fi Cell Phone Plans in 2021

Google Fi, Google’s mobile service, was originally launched in 2015 as Project Fi. This easy-to-use and the affordable mobile option are now open to everyone.

We were impressed by the growing number of benefits and options that Google Fi offers and decided to review it. Learn more about Google Fi and see if it is a better choice than other limited or unlimited plans.

Google Fi is all about data efficiency. Google Fi intelligently manages your connectivity by switching between Wi-Fi networks and other data networks. Although many service providers have similar systems, most still rely on one cellular data network. Google Fi’s data connection is managed by a partnership between T-Mobile, Sprint, and US Cellular.

A device connected to the Google Fi network automatically recognizes the strongest network provider and connects with it for increased reliability. Google Fi connects to trusted public Wi-Fi locations to reduce cellular data usage. All plans include the Virtual Private Network option to protect your privacy. This service encrypts all your internet traffic and protects users who use a public Internet connection.

Google Fi Cell Phone Plans

Google Fi’s Flexible plan costs $20 per month for one line. You can add up to six lines. Instead of paying a fixed monthly rate, you pay $10 per GB for data. Google Fi’s Bill Protection kicks into effect after 6GB. The cost of data is capped so that you don’t overpay. A single line will cost you $60 to get data at the maximum price on your bill. Customers can still use 15GB of high-speed data, even with the data pricing cap. After you have reached the data limit or threshold, you can either continue to use data at a slower speed or pay $10 per GB for full-speed data.

Customers can make their device a hotspot to access internet access when Wi-Fi is not available. Hotspot data is pulled from your monthly data allowance. You can purchase more high-speed data when you reach the 15GB limit.


Google Fi Family Pricing

Google Fi uses a 4G LTE network with nationwide 5G coverage. This network will only be available to customers who have a 5G enabled phone and live in an area that has 5G coverage.

The Flexible plan includes international coverage. It also allows you to take advantage of the same data prices and text plans in over 200 destinations.

Google Fi Flexible starts at $20 per month plus $10 for every GB of data. Customers can add up to six lines to their plan. Prices vary. One line is $20 per month; two lines are $35 per month ($18 per each); three lines are $50 per month ($17/per line); four lines are $65 per month ($17/per line); five lines cost $80 ($16 per line); six lines cost $95 per month (a little less than $16 per line) and the cost of data.


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Google Fi Coverage

Google Fi offers a preference for specific phones, which just so happen to be the ones Google makes. You can seamlessly switch between different networks if you are using these preferred phones.

If you don’t own a phone “designed for Fi”, then you will be stuck with T-Mobile’s network. Although it’s not terrible, those living in the west and midwest will be most affected.

Use their coverage map tool to find out how Google Fi coverage is in your area.

Although Google Fi’s coverage overall is good, it’s not the best. Google Fi’s coverage is better than Verizon’s combined networks, which is the first in our ranking for mobile coverage.

Bottom Line: Google Fi Phone Plans

It’s evident that Google Fi is a great network for limited smartphone users. It is easy to find pricing information and plan options on the website. Users can also set up everything from the comfort of home. Google Fi’s biggest advantage is its relatively affordable unlimited plan. This is great for heavy data users, who don’t care about which smartphone they are using.

Google isn’t surprising to want Fi subscribers to use its Pixel smartphone. However, limiting the features of the iPhone, which is the most widely used smartphone in the world (and the iPhone itself), also limits who can benefit from this service.

It all comes down to priorities. Would you rather have an unlimited data plan that covers your whole household, for less than Google Fi’s rivals? Or would you prefer to be able to choose the model of your smartphone without having to limit key features such as the 5G service? If you choose the second option, then you might be better off with a plan from Verizon Wireless, our top provider.

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