Mint Mobile Cell Phone Plans

Mint Mobile Cell Phone Plans

The Best Mint Mobile Cell Phone Plans in 2021

Nearly everyone in today’s world needs a phone plan. However, you don’t have to spend a lot of money on one. Mint Mobile is one of the top prepaid mobile carriers.

Mint, like most discount phone companies, is a mobile virtual operator (MVNO). To deliver their service, these companies use the infrastructure provided by a major carrier. Mint uses T-Mobile’s network.

Mint Mobile provides a variety of services to meet customer needs. However, Mint subscribers can bring their own phones, unlike major carriers. Mint Mobile also offers prepaid plans. Customers pay upfront for three, six, or twelve months of service.

Mint Mobile was already well-known, but it gained even more attention after Ryan Reynolds purchased a stake in the company’s November 2019 stock. He clearly feels good about Mint Mobile’s future and with good reason. Combining a reliable network with really affordable unlimited wireless plans is a winning combination.

Mint Mobile Cell Phone Plans

Mint Mobile offers a variety of options to its customers. You only need to choose how much data and how long you want to pay. Although the monthly cost is less if you sign up for a full year, you’ll still have to pay the full amount upfront. If you’re interested in Mint, you can try three months at the introductory price before you commit to the full year.

You can check your last phone bill to see how much data you have used or go into the settings menu of your phone to determine your current usage. You can also reduce your data usage by using Wi-Fi to download music and videos to your smartphone. You can upgrade to a larger plan or add data per gigabyte if you feel you still require more data than you have chosen.

Mint Mobile Phone Plans

Mint Mobile includes unlimited talk and text, so all you have to do is decide how much data you require. Your data can be used as a hotspot for connecting to another device, such as a tablet or laptop. However, the Unlimited plan comes with only 5GB of hotspot data.

If you run out of high-speed data, you can add it at a $10 per 1GB rate or $20 per 3GB rate. Even if you don’t, your data won’t get cut off, just slowed down.

  • $15 per month: Unlimited Talk, Text, and 3GB of LTE Data. (price upfront is $45/month)
  • $20 per month: Unlimited Talk, Text, and 8GB of LTE Data. (price upfront is $60/month)
  • $25 per month: Unlimited Talk, Text, and 12GB of LTE Data. (price upfront is $75/month)

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Mint Mobile coverage

Mint Mobile subscribers have the same coverage as T-Mobile. Mint offers the same coverage quality as T-Mobile because Mint Mobile bands support 5G, 4G LTE, and 3G technology.

T-Mobile’s 4G-LTE network, which is available on most phones today, currently covers 59% in the United States. It is expanding rapidly in 5G. You can access the Mint Mobile network if you reside in any of the major US cities.

It is easy to find out if Mint Mobile has coverage in your area. Enter your zip code, state, and city to access the Mint Mobile coverage map. Zoom in and out to view coverage in different parts of your city.

Bottom Line: Mint Mobile Phone Plans

Mint Mobile currently occupies the fifth position in our list of the top phone carriers. This is quite an impressive position for a company that was founded in 2015. We rank it highly because of this.

It all comes down to affordability. Mint Mobile plans offer some of the most affordable monthly rates, especially if you pay upfront. These plans are much more attractive than Verizon and AT&T.

Mint also uses the T-Mobile network for coverage. T-Mobile is a top-ranked phone company and one of the fastest networks. Mint can also piggyback on T-Mobile’s 5G network. This assumes that you have the correct 5G phone. Mint will determine which cellular signal — LTE and 5G — is stronger in your area.

T-Mobile can slow down Mint traffic when there is a lot of congestion. Mint plans don’t offer as many features as T-Mobile’s and are less generous with families. Mint is still a top choice for people on a budget.

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