Best Cell Phone Plans For Kids 2020

best cell phone plans for kids

If you have finally decided to give your kid a cell phone, the most important task in front of you has to be choosing the best cell phone plan which is easy on your pocket. Selecting a cell phone service for your kid is a little more complicated than choosing one for yourself. The biggest … Read more

Best Cell Phone Plans for College Students

best cell phone plans for college students

Being a student means making a budget your middle name. What better place to start than with your cell phone plan? College is an expensive experience I’m sure all of you would love to save a few extra bucks here and there and it’s important to be aware of your options – there are several … Read more

Cricket Cell Phone Plans

Cricket Wireless Logo

Cricket wireless is a different kind of carrier. With Cricket, you get the best cell phone plan for your needs — pure and simple. The company prides itself on offering a variety of phone plans that are very affordably priced. And all of Cricket’s monthly rate plans have taxes and fees included in the price. That’s honest, transparent, monthly plan pricing, … Read more

Ting Cell Phone Plans

ting logo

Ting is a Sprint MVNO which means Ting pays Sprint to utilize their network for their cell phone service. Instead of offering you heavy chunks of minutes, texts and data that you might never use, Ting simply charges you for what you really use. They don’t depend on low usage members to pay for their … Read more

Twigby Cell Phone Plans

twigby logo

Twigby is carrier committed to providing fantastic phone service at great prices. If you are searching for a good deal on a cell phone, either for you or your child, I would highly recommend looking into what Twigby has to offer. Unlike traditional cell phone carriers, they offer you the ability to build your own … Read more

Sprint Cell Phone Plans

sprint logo

While Sprint may not be as prominent as some other carriers, it’s been a stalwart of the US cell phone scene for a long time. It has adequate network coverage, a good selection of devices, and some attractive cell phone plans that allow customers to use more data before throttling speeds. Sprint Cell Phone Plans … Read more

AT&T Cell Phone Plans

at&t logo

AT&T is known as one of the best cell phone service companies in the United States. It is impossible to watch television without seeing an advertisement for this company. But is it really worth having it? We have made a detailed review of your plans, prices, and coverage. The AT&T network has the second fastest … Read more

T-Mobile Cell Phone Plans

T-Mobile logo

T-Mobile has a reputation for consistently challenging the supremacy of the two largest carriers in the nation. It’s not hard to see why. While its network coverage may lag behind in some places, T-Mobile customers can definitely enjoy some of the cheapest cell phone plans in the nation. The Uncarrier has a ton of unlimited … Read more

Verizon Cell Phone Plans

verizon wireless logo

Verizon Wireless is arguably the carrier with the largest name recognition in the United States. Boasting one of the most complete network coverage areas available, a great selection of family plans, and excellent customer support options, customers have come to rely on their cell phone plans. Verizon plans have changed significantly in recent years. As … Read more

Tracfone APN Settings 

Tracfone APN Settings 

In this article, we will give the steps to make the adjustment of the Tracfone APN Settings. If you recently changed your cell phone, then you probably have to configure the APN Settings to have Internet on your new Device and although it is a simple process that is within everyone’s reach I wanted to make a … Read more

Total Wireless APN Settings

Total Wireless APN Settings

If you’re having trouble connecting your smartphone to the total wireless network for internet access and multimedia messaging, this quick guide could help you get back up and running. Total Wireless is one of the successful in the USA. If you are a new customer and you find yourself a bit lost when setting up the Total … Read more

Straight Talk APN Settings 

Straight Talk APN Settings 

If you have problems connecting to the Straight Talk network from your smartphone, it may be due to a configuration problem of APN settings. This guide will help you configure Straight Talk APN settings to get your phone connected so you can browse the web, use email, and send MMS messages. Deconfiguration of cell phone … Read more

Simple Mobile APN Settings 

Simple Mobile APN Settings 

If you are reading this page it means you are having some sort of issues with the simple mobile APN Settings on your phone, which means you cannot browse the internet or your issue is related to the MMS settings that makes you unable to send or receive picture messages. In order for you to … Read more

LycaMobile APN Settings

LycaMobile APN Settings

So if you want to know how to configure APN settings LycaMobile Internet on your device keep reading because we will show you how. LycaMobile is a mobile operator that allows you to obtain national and international talk service and data, among others. One of its advantages is that it is quite cheap. Their rates … Read more