Best Prepaid SIM Card USA

best prepaid sim card USA

The Best Prepaid SIM Card USA With No Restrictions

Your carrier may charge you a lot for your non-American SIM card if you travel to the U.S. Customers are advised to obtain a prepaid SIM card before they travel to the USA. This will allow them to save tons of money on data and calls.

It’s well-known that the USA is more expensive than other countries for telecommunications. If you are only visiting the country for a short time, there may be other expenses that you have already planned. If you are going to spend extra on a service, you will want the best.

It is important to understand the differences between CDMA and GSM, especially for the US market in telecommunications. The key differences between these two technologies are their security features, global reach, and LTE data speeds.

CDMA is used almost exclusively in the USA today, with a small portion of it being used in Japan and Canada. More than 210 countries support GSM technology, including Europe. What does this mean for end-users? CDMA phones are tied with the provider If your SIM card slot is unlocked, you can’t change providers within the same country. GSM phones can be used on other GSM networks, making roaming easier.

There are few options in the GSM market as Verizon and Sprint use CDMA, a different type of mobile technology. For big providers, this leaves only AT&T or T-Mobile. Which provider offers the best prepaid SIM Card USA?

We compared all the mobile internet providers to see which ones offer prepaid plans with data, talk, and text. These are our top choices for USA SIM cards so that you don’t have to rely on Wi-Fi from abroad.

Tello Mobile – Most Affordable Prepaid Plans

Tello prepaid sim card USA

Tello is known for its customizable plans that give you full control of your minutes, texts, and data. You can choose exactly how much you need of each to cut out things you don’t use to hopefully save some money.

Tello’s plans are all prepaid, so there are no contracts, no early termination fees, and no activation fees for its service.

All Tello’s plans include free calls to Canada, Mexico, and China, and mobile hotspot access with WiFi calling through their application at no extra cost, along with visual voicemail and unlimited 2G data. If you are not happy with your plan, you still can change it at any time.

tello mobile phone plans

After you select a plan with Tello, you’ll want to download their app to easily manage your account, which is called “MyTello” you can find it in the Appstore or Play Store. With the app you can:

  • Manage your account and see your account balance
  • Upgrade or downgrade plans
  • Add credit if you use pay-as-you-go
  • Call over Wi-Fi

Tello uses T-Mobile’s network to provide service. So, before you decide to sign-up with Tello, you’ll want to be sure that the coverage is good in your area. They have a handy coverage map on their site and you can plug in your home address to see if the area is covered.

Tello allows you to bring your own phone or purchase one from them. To bring your own phone to Tello, just check if it’s compatible with the Bring Your Own Device page.

  • $8 per month: Unlimited Talk and Text.
  • $10 per month: Unlimited Talk, Text, and 1GB of LTE Data.
  • $14 per month: Unlimited Talk, Text, and 2GB of LTE Data.
  • $19 per month: Unlimited Talk, Text, and 4GB of LTE Data.
  • $24 per month: Unlimited Talk, Text, and 6GB of LTE Data.
  • $29 per month: Unlimited Talk, Text, and 8GB of LTE Data.
  • $39 per month: Unlimited Talk, Text, and Unlimited LTE Data.

Check Out Tello Plans

Twigby – Highly Customizable Prepaid Plans


Twigby Logo

Unlike other MVNOs, Twigby gives its customers a chance to build their own phone plan with the add ons they require. The first thing they have to consider is how many minutes they want their plan to include. And if needed, they can purchase a data add-on package to the plan they have selected.

All voice packages come with unlimited domestic and global texting. All data packages include unlimited 2G data once the high-speed allotment gets used up. Free talk and text roaming on the Verizon network are also included.

twigby cell phone plans

Twigby also offers to Bring Your Own Phone options so you can keep your compatible device and phone number when you switch. You can quickly and easily check if your current phone is compatible by using Twigby’s compatibility checker.

Twigby is giving its new customers 25% off on their first 6 months of service and provides overage protection along with family phone plans to keep the whole family covered under the same account.

Twigby uses two networks to provide coverage, the Sprint network which is the primary network, and the Verizon network which runs only as a backup network for talk and text.

Twigby SIM Card Kit comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee for phones and plans (under 300 mins, 300 texts, or 300 MB data). This makes your purchase safe and secure. You will need to create a Twigby account in order to activate the Twigby SIM card Kit.

  • $9.75 per month: Unlimited and Text
  • $14.25 per month: Unlimited Talk, Text, and 1GB of LTE Data.
  • $17.25 per month: Unlimited Talk, Text, and 2GB of LTE Data.
  • $21.00 per month: Unlimited Talk, Text, and 3GB of LTE Data.
  • $24.75 per month: Unlimited Talk, Text, and 5GB of LTE Data.
  • $32.25 per month: Unlimited Talk, Text, and 10GB of LTE Data.

Check Out Twigby Plans

Mint Mobile – 3-IN-1 SIM CARD KIT

Mint Mobile prepaid sim card

Mint Mobile is becoming a popular choice among MVNOs with a special twist on how you can buy service. Mint’s hook is that you can save big if you’re willing to pay for multiple months of service in advance, which can be 3 months, 6 months, or 12 months, with “buying in bulk” saving you more money in the long run.

Mint Mobile offers plans that start at just $15 per month with at least a three-month commitment. All plans come with unlimited talk, and text, along with the choice of 2GB, 5GB, or 10GB of 4G LTE data. You can also use your data as a hotspot if you want to get another device connected like a laptop or tablet and if you need extra LTE data speeds during a month, you can easily get an additional 1GB for $10 or 3GB for $20.

Mint Mobile Phone Plans

Mint Mobile users get free calls to Mexico and Canada and have variable rates for other countries. Mint Mobile’s international data must be paid for individually at different rates depending on the country.

Mint Mobile operates on T-Mobile’s network, so your experience with Mint Mobile will heavily depend on how well T-Mobile works in your area. If you’re unsure how well T-Mobile works around you, Mint Mobile has a coverage map to check your area. Also mint works with any phone compatible with that network including most GSM phones. You can check your phone on Mint Mobile’s website to be sure.

Mint Mobile will send you a welcome pack when you order your first prepaid data plan. It will contain your SIM card and other essentials. A SIM starter pack can be purchased at Amazon and Target. These packs are available for $5 and offer limited functionality for testing purposes.

  • $15 per month: Unlimited Talk, Text, and 3GB of LTE Data. (price upfront is $45/month)
  • $20 per month: Unlimited Talk, Text, and 8GB of LTE Data. (price upfront is $60/month)
  • $25 per month: Unlimited Talk, Text, and 12GB of LTE Data. (price upfront is $75/month)

Check Out Mint Mobile Plans

Ting Mobile – Pay Only for What You Use

Ting prepaid sim card USA

Ting Wireless allows you to save hundreds on your cell phone bill by only requiring you to pay for what you use. Paying only for the talk, text, and data that you use is a great benefit to have instead of committing to a plan that charges high rates and fees each month.

The monthly cell phone bill varies based on usage and customers are not locked into a long-term contract. You start at $6 per line per month and use all of the talk minutes, text messages, and data you need.

Ting supports international coverage in a wide selection of countries. You can find international rates on their website. It also offers an international calling add-on to call 80 countries with your Ting plan. Learn more on their website.

ting cell phone plans

Ting Mobile has the option to bring your own device, you just need to check if your device is compatible by entering its IMEI ID on twiggy’s Compatibility Checker.

Ting runs on T-Mobile, Sprint, and Verizon’s networks, so users can enjoy the same reliability of coverage as found on these carriers. (click here to check if your phone is compatible).

  • Talk plans begin at $3 a month for 100 talk minutes and go up to $35 a month for 2,100 talk minutes
  • Text plans begin at 100 text messages for $3/month and increase to 4,800 text messages for $11 a month.
  • Data plans begin at 100MB for $3 a month and go up to 2GB for $20 a month then $10 per additional GB.

Check Out Ting Plans

Unreal Mobile – A Great Budget Choice

Unreal Mobile prepaid sim card

UNREAL Mobile – Unlimited Talk, SMS & Data SIM Card Starter Kit. Get unlimited talk, text, and data on UNREAL Mobile’s nationwide GSM network using UNREAL Mobile’s 3-in-1 SIM Card Starter Kit. You can choose the monthly 4G LTE data amount you need. The included data rollover feature allows you to roll over 500MB/month of unutilized high-speed data.

UNREAL Mobile operates on both the AT&T and Sprint networks. Unreal Mobile offers service on either one of the major wireless networks, at a fraction of the cost or even less. There are three options for phone plans: 1 GB 2 GB or 5 GB 4G LTE data.

Unreal Mobile Plans start at $10 per Month You can modify your plan and the price according to what cell services you require. You can access unlimited talk, text, and data for $10 per month. Plus, 1GB high-speed 4G LTE data. This plan is ideal for someone who uses very little data per month or an extreme penny-pincher.

Unreal Mobile phone plans

You can increase the data cap to 2GB for $15 per month. This gives those who aren’t using their phone a lot while on LTE more freedom. For $30/month, you can get 5GB faster data speeds if your phone is connected to LTE. This is the plan that I have been testing.

Unreal Mobile is based on the Sprint CDMA network. It recently partnered with AT&T to expand its coverage. Unreal Mobile SIM cards can be purchased at Target, Best Buy, and Amazon.

  • $15 per month: Unlimited Talk, Text, and 3GB of LTE Data.
  • $20 per month: Unlimited Talk, Text, and 8GB of LTE Data.
  • $25 per month: Unlimited Talk, Text, and 12GB of LTE Data.

Check Out Unreal Mobile Plans

Eco Mobile – Tourist SIM Card

Eco Mobile Prepaid SIM Tourist

The Eco Mobile Tourist Sim includes unlimited USA talk, Unlimited USA / International text messages, Unlimited 3G data with 100MB, 1GB, 2 Gigs, and 4 Gigs respectively, as well as Unlimited USA Talk. It also offers Unlimited USA Talk. If your phone supports it, data can be used to tether or personal hotspot. Some plans allow unlimited calls to more than 80 countries. For more information, see Intnl. Calls for countries

Eco Mobile, an MVNO that offers prepaid cell phone plans, was established in 2012. Eco Mobile coverage works the same way as any of the other big 4 because it is powered by the Sprint and T-Mobile 4G LTE networks.

Eco is a great choice if you are looking for international calling rates at great rates. Unlimited international calling is available for free with plans starting at $30 per month. Eco Mobile offers Unlimited Calling and Pay As You Go plans.

Eco Mobile Cell Phone Plans

Unlimited talk, text, and 100MB data plans start at $20 Upgrading to 2GB of data and unlimited text is $30 per month. International calling costs $30. Sprint offers a pay-as-you-go cell phone plan. All services are available at a piecemeal price, including minutes (domestic and international), texts, 4G Data, MMS, and text messages. You can also buy data for tablets or mobile hotspots.

EcoMobile provides service on three major carriers, including Verizon, and you can bring your own Verizon compatible device. All devices are supported, including smartphones, tablets, as well as data hotspots.

  • $20 per month: Unlimited Talk, Text, and 100MB of LTE Data.
  • $25 per month: Unlimited Talk, Text, and 500MB of LTE Data.
  • $30 per month: Unlimited Talk, Text, and 2GB of LTE Data.
  • $40 per month: Unlimited Talk, Text, and 4GB of LTE Data.
  • $50 per month: Unlimited Talk, Text, and 6GB of LTE Data.
  • $60 per month: Unlimited Talk, Text, and 8GB of LTE Data.

Check Out Eco Mobile Plans

Gen Mobile – Bring Your Own Phone

Gen Mobile SIM Card USA

Gen Mobile is a prepaid service that operates on the Sprint network. Instead of focusing on complicated plans that add extra costs, Gen Mobile focuses on simple plans that are cost-savings. Gen Mobile is committed to providing quality mobile phone service at affordable prices. Gen Mobile offers unlimited international text messaging and all plans cost $25 per month.

Gen Mobile offers six affordable plans starting at $5-$25 per month with a variety of international calling and texting options. They also offer high-speed data from Sprint 4G LTE and mobile hotspot usage.

Gen Mobile plans pricing

Unlimited calling to over 100 countries are included in any plan above $15 The $5 per month plan does not include unlimited talk and data. However, it includes unlimited text messaging. $25 per month offers unlimited text and talk, as well as international texting and 3GB of 4G data. Unlimited talk and text are included in the $15 per month plan, as well as international texting and 1GB 4G LTE data.

Gen Mobile offers plans in 3-month packages to save even more and a referral program. Refer friends to receive $5 each in account credit. Gen Mobile offers a money-back guarantee within 7 days and no hidden fees. You won’t be charged if you decide to cancel after the first three months.

  • $10 per month: Unlimited Talk and Text.
  • $10 per month: 100 Talk Minutes, Unlimited Text, and 1GB of LTE Data
  • $15 per month: Unlimited Talk, Text, and 1GB of LTE Data.
  • $20 per month: Unlimited Talk, Text, and 2GB of LTE Data.
  • $25 per month: Unlimited Talk, Text, and 3GB of LTE Data.

Check Out Gen Mobile Plans

Lycamobile: Best Value for Money

Lyca Mobile SIM Card USA

Lycamobile’s uniqueness is that it is a global MVNO and, in the U.S. it is an MVNO on T-Mobile. It is easy to check if your phone works with Lycamobile’s network by simply entering your IMEI on However, most GSM-unlocked devices should work.

Lycamobile offers several plans and is able to cater to customers who require unlimited nationwide talk, text, and international calling to 75+ countries. All plans include these features for no extra charge. This makes Lycamobile the best plan if your goal is to be able to call abroad at any time you wish.

You have a variety of data options, starting at 1GB and increasing to unlimited. The lowest 1GB plan starts at $19 and the most expensive unlimited data plan starts at $50. Each plan comes with different bonuses, so you will have to decide what is most important for you.

Lycamobile SIM cards are easy to obtain. Lycamobile SIM Cards can be ordered online through Amazon and Lycamobile. But you’ll also find Lycamobile SIM Cards in many other retailers such as 7-Eleven, pharmacies, and local convenience stores. If you are unsure, you can use the online store locator.


Check Out Lycamobile Plans


Ultra Mobile Tourist

Ultra Mobile Prepaid SIM Card

Ultra Mobile, an MVNO on T-Mobile’s network, means you’ll get great T-Mobile service at a much lower price. Ultra Mobile does offer a variety of prepaid plans. However, the Ultra Mobile tourist plan is perfect for anyone who visits the U.S. for less than three days. The plan will automatically expire after 21 days. This is convenient for anyone who doesn’t want to deal with the hassle of canceling. Also, your Ultra Mobile SIM card will not be recharged, so you should avoid extending your stay.

$30 includes the SIM, which gives you unlimited talk, text, data, and up to 3GB of 4GLTE data. You can also use the SIM to get 100 minutes to more than 80 international destinations. That means you can contact your family and friends without needing to use any third-party apps.

Ultra Mobile phone plans

T-Mobile stores or online can be used to purchase Ultra Mobile Tourist plans. Ultra Mobile has a store locator you can use to find Ultra stores close to you.


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