Project Fi Cell Phone Plans

In this post I’m going to be doing a review of Google Project Fi phone service that uses a combination of the Sprint and T-Mobile networks to provide coverage at an affordable price.
Google’s Project Fi mobile service can save you big bucks, especially if you’re traveling internationally. Project Fi is cheap. Twenty dollars a month buys unlimited talk and text, plus Wi-Fi tethering. With data, you pay for what you use.

Project Fi Cell Phone Plans

Project Fi is interesting for three main reasons it’s phone it’s coverage and it’s price.

Project Fi Cell Phone Plans

Project Fi requires you to use either the Nexus 6 the Nexus 6P for the Nexus 5X, this is because these phones have the technology to automatically switch between the T-Mobile and Sprint networks which again is what Project Fi uses to provide coverage.

The price is interesting because Google refund you for any of your unused data the way it works is you prepay for your plan $20 a month for unlimited talk and text plus an additional $10 per 1GB of data and then at the end of the month you receive money back for all of your unused data.

For example if you buy 1GB of data for $10 but only use half of that allotment you will receive $5 back from Google.

Date speed were excellent and you can share your cellular data via the hotspot feature.

If you want you can also order a data only Sim card to be used on the Project Fi network from your online account.

Your online account gives you a clean overview of current usage, plan settings, payment method, account settings, call and text settings.

The current psycho graphic gives you a nice overview of current billing period and data usage. Your plan tab gives you info about your current plan, device and phone number and offer some international features.

  • The plan tab page you can manage the amount of data in your plan rename your device and order device protection, order a data only Sim card for free, buy a new device and pause or cancel your service at any time.
  • The payment method tab simply lets you manage the card you use to auto pay for your plan.
  • The call or text settings tab you can view all your previous calls, texts and listen to your greeting and add a call forwarding number.
  • The Account settings tab you can change your service address change your work preferences and change your privacy settings.

The website design is clean simple and informative and you can also view all this information from the project Fi application on your device, you can also use your device to set a data limit and a data warning to make sure you do not go over your data allotment.

Something else cool about Project Fi is that it puts your Google voice number into a Sim card I already made a post explaining Google voice and hangout, this is really awesome because it allows you to make phone calls and send text over Wi-Fi.

So when you have Project Fi you will get coverage anywhere there’s Sprint coverage and T-Mobile coverage and anywhere you have Wi-Fi connection.

Project Fi integration with Google voice also allows you to use hangouts as your default messaging application, hangouts will sync all your messages across all of your devices and will also automatically transcribe voicemails into text.

Consider checking out my review of Google voice and hangouts for in-depth look at all the features.

So at the end of the day Project Fi is an incredibly amazing cell phone service at a very affordable price, alone Sprint and T-Mobile definitely have weaker coverage areas but combined they can easily rivaled the coverage of Verizon or AT&T, with strong coverage and affordable cell phone plans.

The biggest limiting factor of Project Fi comes down to the phone selection, if you don’t like the Nexus line up then you’re out of luck, however if you like the Nexus 6, 6P or 5X or if you already have one of those phones then you should definitely consider Project Fi, existing Sprint and T-Mobile customers should also consider Project Fi because by switching you will increase your coverage area while still being able to pay an affordable price on cell phone service.

So how do you sign up for Project Fi

Well the sign-up process is very simple and very easy, simply go to and select the Google account you would like to use and enter your ZIP Code and then choose either bring your Google voice number to Project Fi or sign a new number and lose your Google voice number forever.

I personally recommend you bring over your Google voice number keep in mind that you will have to put your number to Project Fi when you get your SIM card and activate your service, which means they’ll be about a 24 hour period where you will not be able to send or receive phone calls or texts.

Next select the plan you want then choose which device you want or you can select to order a Sim card for free if you already have a device.

You place your order and your shipping and billing information and the Google will send out everything you ordered.

How you complete your set up process

Maybe a little different depending on what you ordered but all I had to do was insert my SIM Card into my Nexus 5X and go to the Project Fi application to get everything set up and working properly.

Project Fi is an amazing service with excellent coverage affordable pricing and some of the best android devices out there. I would recommend it to anyone with a Nexus device or anyone on the Sprint and T-Mobile network.



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