Tello Mobile Cell Phone Plans

Tello Mobile Cell Phone Plans

The Best Tello Mobile Cell Phone Plans in 2021

Tello is available over T-Mobile’s network and offers highly customizable plans. This carrier is available over T-Mobile’s network. It offers plans with small data allowances at some of the most competitive prices in the industry. Tello, for $11 per month, offers a no-commitment plan that includes unlimited talk, unlimited minutes, and 2GB of data. This is before taxes or fees.

Tello’s T-Mobile-based coverage may not be as wide as that offered by Verizon, or AT&T. Despite this, Tello’s coverage should be adequate in most areas.

Tello Mobile Cell Phone Plans

Tello offers a wide range of customization options, unlike many carriers who believe unlimited plans are the future.

Tello Mobile plans can be broken down into how much data you need and how many minutes you wish to use. You get unlimited texting as long as your plan has some minutes.

Plans start at $5 per month for 500 MB data and no minutes (or $100 minutes without data). The most expensive plan is $39 per month for unlimited data, minutes, and minutes. You can also find the best combination of the two. Tello also offers pre-made plans that you can choose from if you don’t want to fine-tune everything.

Tello plans pricing

It was as simple as possible to sign up and find a plan that works for me. After selecting the data and minutes that I needed, I logged into my Google account to confirm the order, and then I was off. Although I selected to add a new number to my plan, Tello allows me to transfer an existing one.

Calls to the U.S., Canada, and Mexico are free if you have minutes. Tello allows you to call over 60 countries without additional charges. You might need to pay additional charges in some countries. There are many countries that you can call from overseas, so you have a chance to save money.

tello mobile phone plans

Every plan comes with hotspot/tethering usage by default. This is a great deal considering other MVNOs can charge up to $10/month more to use it. Your plan can be reconfigured at any time, and your renewal will occur automatically every 30 days.

Tello Mobile is extremely affordable. Although I would prefer taxes to be included in the monthly rate, it is a minor issue when compared to all that Tello Mobile has to offer.

  • $8 per month: Unlimited Talk and Text.
  • $10 per month: Unlimited Talk, Text, and 1GB of LTE Data.
  • $14 per month: Unlimited Talk, Text, and 2GB of LTE Data.
  • $19 per month: Unlimited Talk, Text, and 4GB of LTE Data.
  • $24 per month: Unlimited Talk, Text, and 6GB of LTE Data.
  • $29 per month: Unlimited Talk, Text, and 8GB of LTE Data.
  • $39 per month: Unlimited Talk, Text, and Unlimited LTE Data.

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Tello Mobile Coverage

The coverage is just as important as the plans offered to you by your carrier. Although you might be able to find a great monthly price, it doesn’t matter if your phone isn’t available where you live.

Tello relies on T-Mobile’s wireless network for service. If you have T-Mobile coverage and are happy with it, switching to Tello will not make any difference. Your phone won’t have a signal if there isn’t T-Mobile coverage in your area. Tello doesn’t offer to roam.

T-Mobile is consistently ranked last for network speed across the country. You are likely to need a reliable data connection if you value fast connections. Make sure that your area has 4G LTE coverage. Check to see if there is T-Mobile 4G LTE coverage within your area.

Bottom Line: Tello Mobile Phone Plans

Before you sign that dotted line, think about whether you are willing to pay high monthly fees and lock yourself into a contract. Tello is an alternative to paying high prices and hidden fees for substandard service. Tello offers no long contracts, no hidden fees, and no overage or upcharge fees. For a fraction of the cost, you can still get the same high-quality service with nationwide coverage.

Visit their website to learn more about Tello, and to see their coverage. To speak with their representatives, you can also contact them directly to ask any questions or discuss their affordable plans. Tello offers flexible plans as well as a referral program that will allow you to continue seeing additional savings month after month. Tello can help you save up to 50% on your monthly bills.

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