Top Cell Phone Companies That Offers Best Deals

Getting the best cell phone plan on a fresh cell phone deal is far from simple, and you are forgiven for purchasing the impression that cell phone companies are intentionally making it complicated. As soon as you have chosen what phone you desire, you still need to choose which service provider to sign up with, at which purpose you might ask whether it makes sense to purchase a subsidized Smartphone through a two years contract, or maybe if the pay-as-you-go plan is much better for your requirements. Then, naturally, there is the question of network coverage (certain carriers have higher service in several areas), along with the prices tiers for a voice call, text messages, and web data plan. Here are our top picks for best cell phone companies in 2017.

The Best Cell Phone Service Providers 2017

at&t cell phone plans

AT&T Deals Expire Dec 31, 2017

Buy one. Gift one. Get the awesome iPhone 8.

verizon cell phone plans

Verizon Deals Expire Dec 31, 2017

Save $300 off Google Pixel 2 or 2XL. Plus, free shipping! 

t-mobile cell phone plans

Unlimited Talk

Unlimited Text

Unlimited Data

1 Line - $70/mo

2 Lines - $105/mo

3 Lines - $140/mo

4 Lines - $160/mo

sprint cell phone plans

Unlimited Talk

Unlimited Text

Unlimited Data

1 Line - $50/mo

2 Lines - $90/mo

3 Lines - $90/mo

4 Lines - $90/mo

( Limited offer until 9/30/18)

at&t cell phone plans

AT&T Deals Expire Dec 31, 2017

Buy one. Gift one. Get the awesome iPhone 8.

verizon cell phone plans

Verizon Deals Expire Dec 31, 2017

Save $300 off Google Pixel 2 or 2XL. Plus, free shipping! 

Before you decide to throw yourself up in re-up and defeat with the exact same company for another 2 years since it’s easy, spend some time to review and compare the prices and possible cost savings of most the carrier plans. You might find the best cell phone plan for you.

When looking for a wireless cell phone carrier, be aware of 2 things: coverage in which you require it trumps almost all else, and when you find service providers that offer excellent service in your areas, you must choose whoever provides the cheapest complete price of ownership for your normal usage. That’s how we arrived at this particular recommendation; however many other factors may have an effect on what’s great for your own personal needs.

Verizon Wireless

verizon cell phone plans

The largest wireless provider in the USA, Verizon wireless performs a high-tech and wide-achieving 4G LTE coverage and a robust list of cell phones and handsets Smartphones. A combined business between Vodafone and Verizon, which make it more powerful. Get More Info

More Details About Verizon Carrier:

  • Verizon carrier has a plan called “The Verizon Plan” which includes unlimited calls and text for several devices and also a monthly data plan (single lines options are offered too). The monthly charges increase depending on the total number of devices using the plan also the capacity of data you select.
  • Verizon’s global coverage is available only in a few countries, however, it provides GSM/CDMA dual-mode Smartphone’s.
  • Verizon Wireless offers a prepaid deal.
  • Verizon wireless has a limit to upgrade one time every 6 months, but you should pay 50% of the cell phone price before you switch to a new cell phone device.

Verizon Coverage Maps, Towers and Dead Zones

  • Maps displaying Verizon cell towers placement and IDs
  • Coverage maps displaying Verizon voice call, 3G, and 4G signal
  • Number of Verizon Dead Zones discovered across the country
  • See detailed information about coverage in your area by searching Verizon coverage map.

at&t cell phone plans

AT&T wireless is the second greatest provider in the US. Nowadays, AT&T carrier has an intensive list of GSM phones, along with a huge coverage of 4G LTE. The existing company was in 2007 a singular wireless, that provided the original unique AT&T in 2004, modified the company name to AT&T. Get More Info

You can purchase mobile hotspots and tablets and almost any new or last-generation mobile phone you might want. AT&T is not our best carrier –the coverage isn’t strong, the speeds quite fast, or the customer support as constantly dependable as we would like.

The best cell phone plans at the several companies we reviewed all very extensively in price. AT&T carrier has the difference of being the most high-priced of the large four companies, – AT&T, Verizon, Mobile, and Sprint. Blocking seasonal promotions and specials, AT&T’s costs are prodigiously expensive, beginning at $65 per month for a plan with 1GB of web data. It is possible to kick this down to $50 a month if you are wanting to use the AT&T early upgrade offer, but as we found when we shattered the numbers down, those usually cost a lot more over time.

Most of AT&T Mobile Share plans include unlimited text and talk. They are created for multiple members; however, you can join one with a single cell phone. The deal fees for devices and web data rates individually: Each Smartphone on a package costs $40 a month, with web data charges changing by an amount selected. A single line plan with 3GB of web data and unlimited text and talk will charge you $80 per month; with 6GB of web data, it might cost about $110.

Almost all contract based AT&T deals are much more costly compared to plans at no-contract companies, however signing up for one allow you to order a new handset at a subsidized price. Usually, it will help you save about $400 at first. Remember, that during a 2 years contract, the amount you would save at first is going to be eclipsed by the extra you will spend over those 2 years.

Details about AT&T Network

  • AT&T offers deals with data lineup for customers Smartphone’s, however, clients may stick to an individual deal if they want.
  • AT&T provides extensive global roaming.
  • AT&T has also prepaid plans and family mobile plans via their Go service and vie their Cricket subsidiary.
  • AT&T future permits customers to update once a year. There’s not a single option for an advance payment, you will pay back your phone within 20 months of payment ( to decide monthly payment they cut up the total price by twenty ). When the 12-month payment done, you could trade on your handset and start a new deal again. However, you have to clear up your cell phone totally when you leave the company before you complete the 20 months payment.

AT&T Coverage Maps, Towers and Dead Zones

  • Maps displaying AT&T cell towers placement and IDs
  • Coverage maps displaying AT&T voice call, 3G, and 4G signal
  • Number of AT&T Dead Zones discovered across the country
  • See detailed information about coverage in your area by searching AT&T coverage map.

t-mobile cell phone plans

T-mobile considered one of the best carriers in the united states, it now works with LTE network after the first announcing of “Faux G” network HSPA+ that provides LTE-comparable speed coverage. T-Mobile was an old leader of Android and the last leading carrier offers the iPhone. Compared to other biggest carriers. Get More Info

Details about T-Mobile Network:

  • T-mobile transformed their service type plan. Most of all they take away their contract plans, this means you can stop the service or change the service anytime you want. The plan offers unlimited calls, text and data also you can select the capacity and speed of your data plan. T-mobile prices it’s charged by the amount of 4G data you use every month.
  • T-mobile offers family plans no contract.
  • Jump needs an extra charge of $10 monthly, which works as policy insurance. You will purchase the device in twenty-four months payments, but yet, unlike Verizon and AT&T, you begin with an advance payment. After you are in doing the plan for 6 months, you’re able to get their firstly trade in. you will need to make a second down payment on a new mobile phone, but the system begins again at this point. Note: you could upgrade around two times a year.

T-Mobile Coverage Maps, Towers and Dead Zones

  • Maps displaying T-Mobile cell towers placement and IDs
  • Coverage maps displaying T-Mobile voice call, 3G, and 4G signal
  • Number of T-Mobile Dead Zones discovered across the country
  • See detailed information about coverage in your area by searching T-Mobile coverage map.

sprint cell phone plans

Sprint is the first provider that offers 4G network via WiMax technology, even so, it has the LTE. sprint offers phones of every stripe. The company starts up in 1983. With a general rating of {7.75/10|7.76/10}, a small customer support service score (50%), and low coverage (65% in urban zones and 55% in rural zones), Sprint (NYSE:S) definitely isn’t on the similar playing field as AT&T and Verizon. However, it provides unlimited data along with global calling. Sprint as well offers numerous handsets with different functions. Sprint family plans are popular, and though the coverage is not at all times strong, Sprint is offered national calls. This is especially useful for those who travel often or families with college children.

For the past couple of months, the carrier provided an application known as Sprint One Up, but that finished Jan 9. The application used to permit users who bought a qualified Smartphone when agreeing to pay twenty-four monthly payments for the phone to dial the cell phone in after twelve sequential months of paying. Consumers will then be provided a new device and a new agreement. While the plan expires, in case Sprint brings this plan back, this offer could notably increase its client base.  Get More Info

Sprint Coverage Maps, Towers and Dead Zones

  • Maps displaying Sprint cell towers placement and IDs
  • Coverage maps displaying Sprint voice call, 3G, and 4G signal
  • Number of Sprint Dead Zones discovered across the country
  • See detailed information about coverage in your area by searching Sprint coverage map.
U.S. Cellular

us cellular cell phone plans

US Cellular is a local carrier that based on providing twenty-six states in the southeast and Midwest. Their mobile phone collection is a little small compared to the large top four companies and mostly drives to Android device such as Galaxy S5. It released their LTE network in 2012, but the coverage network is limited to bigger city places. Exclusive among service providers. US Cellular provides benefits factors that long-term clients may receive for new Smartphone’s and accessories.  Get More Info

Details about U.S. Cellular Network:

  • You can choose prepaid, family plans or contract plan. US Cellular offers unlimited talk, text, and data are available in tired packages.
  • The global network is limited, CDMA carrier.

U.S. Cellular Coverage Maps, Towers and Dead Zones

  • Maps displaying U.S. Cellular cell towers placement and IDs
  • Coverage maps displaying U.S. Cellular voice call, 3G, and 4G signal
  • Number of U.S. Cellular Dead Zones discovered across the country
  • See detailed information about coverage in your area by searching U.S. Cellular coverage map.

Other Best Cell Phone Service Providers

When it comes to choosing a cell phone carrier, most people immediately think of the big four: Verizon, Sprint, AT&T, and T-Mobile. In fact, there are dozens of smaller carriers that offer excellent plans and incentives that are worth taking a look at.

These smaller carriers are known as Mobile Virtual Network Operators, MVNOs for short. MVNOs purchase network service from the major providers at wholesale prices, then pass the savings on to consumers.

US Mobile

us mobile cell phone plans

US Mobile was founded on the premise of liberating users from expensive and inflexible contracts. US Mobile is a prepaid cell phone carrier offering a nationwide 4G LTE network.

Users pay as they go for talk, text, and data and customize their plans to individual needs. US Mobile has a real-time dashboard where users can easily change their plan from the desktop, phone or tablet and Customer Service is available 24/7 via phone, chat, and email.

Plans Also Include:

  • Nationwide 4G LTE Network
  • Free international texting
  • Topping up without overage fees

Details about US Mobile Carrier:


metropcs cell phone plans

Assisting customers in choosing markets, MetroPCS is a prepaid service provider. However the mobile phone roster is likely towards no-frills models, it includes lots of Android handsets also touchscreen phones such as Galaxy S5. The carrier was the very first company to use a 4G LTE coverage, but the coverage speed isn’t as strong as other major companies. Get More Info

Cricket Wireless

cricket wireless cell phone plans

Cricket Wireless started in 1999, was a dependent of jump worldwide until AT&T provided leap to operates a large LTE coverage, but is not national is just home network. Also, except for the Galaxy S4 and the iPhone, its device list trends midrange models. Get More Info

Virgin Mobile

virgin mobile cell phone plans

Typically, Virgin Mobile goals it’s prepaid service plans on the market. Virgin Mobile started running Sprint’s network when keeping old devices on sprint plan WiMax network. It includes several smartphones, including iPhone and Galaxy S5. Now Virgin Mobile is completely owned by sprint carrier. Get More Info

Boost Mobile

Boost Mobile cell phone plans

Boost Mobile it’s similar to Virgin Mobile is totally owned by sprint which is made towards budget-minded customers. Boost Mobile does not demand contracts. It includes primarily mid-range Android device models along with a number of basic Smartphone and recent models utilize Sprint LTE. Boost Mobile started in 2003.

All Boost Mobile Plans includes Unlimited Music Streaming, Mobile Hotspot and the ability to Save $5/month when you sign up for Auto Re-Boost on a single or primary line. Once plan’s high-speed data allotment reached, speeds reduced to 2G speeds until monthly plan cycle ends. For $50 Unlimited plan, data deprioritization applies during congestion. Get More Info

Republic Wireless

Republic Wireless cell phone plans

Republic Wireless is one of the pioneers of the Wi-Fi calling action among MVNOs in the United States, so it’s not surprising that it should possess one of the cheapest cell phone plans.

Starting at $15 per month, Republic users get unlimited talk, text and wifi data on the Sprint’s network, patented tech automatically offloads as much as possible to WiFi when available, which saves cell data for the times you really need it. Get More Info

Consumer Cellular

consumer cellular cell phone plans

You would be forgiven for having not heard about Consumer Cellular. It’s AARP partner, the carrier does not promote itself far beyond it is target demographic, that is comprised of AARP subscribers and families of older, retired individuals. Their prices are affordable, and because of AT&T’s network, their coverage and web data speed are both quite strong. However Consumer Cellular does not provide the similar experience you would have at the best cell phone carriers, which explains why –a minimum of most people – we’d suggest companies higher on our list.

Besides the unlimited text and talk plans provided by all the best cell phone plans across the competitors, Consumer Cellular limited talk and text options are cheap but discouraging. The service provider breaks the plans into 2 halves – data allocations/talk minutes and text – which you spend for individually. Minutes are offered in 7 different tiers, which range from zero minutes for just $10 per month (helpful if you rarely call, with overages referred to per-minute), to 6,000 minutes for $60 (a lot more compared to the vast majority of callers ever use).

Text/data bundles are usually tired but in linked allocations. Hence, you can purchase 20MB of web data and 200 texts a month for $2.50, or you can choose 2.5GB of web data and 15.000 texts for $30. You cannot, however, order only a few text messages but lots of data. If you compare Consumer Cellular cell phone plans with what is available at the competitors, the carrier performs decently enough: It is possible to expect 2.5GB of web data and 600 voice minutes for $50, or even 1,200 minutes for $60 complete. While we miss the ubiquity of cheap unlimited text and talk plansGet More Info

Finding a decent cell phone carrier can seem hard, but it doesn’t have to be. Choosing the best cell phone carrier should be simple. You go with the company that offers the best coverage (quality of service), the most flexible plans, and the widest selection of phones, all at a great price.

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6 Responses

  1. David says:

    It’s really disappointing to me that you could write this much on various cell phone services offerings without even mentioning the words “Net Neutrality” once, given how big an issue it is with cell phone companies right now. So many of us spend a lot of time connecting to the Internet and getting our news and information through mobile devices. Given this, it’s essential to have a neutral service provider. It’s terrifying to think that a large web-based business could pay MY carrier to promote their content over their competitor’s content, or to make connections to their website go faster than to their competitors, or even charge me more to use their competitor – and there’s nothing I can do about it.

  2. John Pedro says:

    Mobile phones are limited by towers because of radiation, they can’t build a tower with more than a certain number of microwaves in a given area, so that’s why densely populate areas suffer more chances to get on while someone else is still using.
    It’s not ALL cell phone companies fault. some of this is just physical limitations of wires and air waves.. we can’t overcome physics, and then there is interference that comes into play that land lines do not have to deal with.. sending radio waves over the air it can be affected by so many things gravity, heat, light, infrared, electricity.. its not at all perfect science.

  3. Tennant says:

    Verizon is the only phone service that is reliable AND reasonable. This is the only service that I do not have a problem with a signal. The prices do not change the longer you have the phone and if you have a problem with your phone they are more than happy to fix the problem. Best phone service out there!

  4. Mason says:

    I have had all of your top rated cell phone carriers and most may be fine if you stay in your “home” area. If you plan on traveling in the U.S., the only carrier I and my friends have had that works the best is Verizon. I had T mobile that worked great as long as I stayed home but traveling it sucked.

  5. Richard says:

    Total Mobile is now 5gb for $35. Their customer service is horrible however but if you don’t need them, it’s a good plan. I could not seem to get logged into the website but I can reload via the app or just go buy a card. The app works well.

  6. Johny says:

    Yes, Verizon is the best cell phone service. They have great connection quality anywhere and have the same great phones that any other company has. That is the overall best cell phone company. Any other company is inferior to the superior Verizon Wireless.

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