Ultra Mobile Cell Phone Plans

Ultra Mobile Cell Phone Plans

The Best Ultra Mobile Cell Phone Plans in 2021

Ultra Mobile offers prepaid phone plans that include unlimited nationwide talk and text, as well as free international calling to over 80 countries via the T-Mobile network. You can choose to pay by the month, prepay for a 3-month or 6-month plan, or prepay for a 12-month plan. All Ultra Mobile plans include unlimited text and 5G/4G LTE coverage with varying data limits.

Ultra Mobile Cell Phone Plans

Ultra Mobile, Mint Mobile’s parent company, and another popular MVNO on T-Mobile’s network is Mint Mobile. Ultra Mobile, unlike Tello, offers multi-month plans along with its single-month options. You can save money by signing up for 12 consecutive months. Ultra’s cheapest plan is $15 per month and includes 250MB of data. You can also choose from unlimited data plans with unlimited data, 2GB, 3GB, or 6GB.

Ultra Mobile’s unlimited plans offer 10GB of free mobile hotspot. You can’t get more if you run out. The plan comes with only 40GB of high-speed data. Your speeds will decrease once you use that amount. For most people, 40GB should suffice. You can always add 1GB to a lower data plan for $10 or 3GB at $20.

Ultra Mobile phone plans

Ultra Mobile plans include unlimited international calling for free to over 80 destinations (and more via uTalk) and unlimited global text. Except for the 250MB plan, all plans come with a recurring $1.50-5 calling credit and a $5 international roaming credit. You can add $5, $10, and $20 to your balance if you are planning on traveling abroad. For example, if you travel to France, you will be charged 25C/ per minute and 5C/ for text. 20 cents per megabyte is also applicable.

Ultra Mobile is a good option if your T-Mobile coverage is excellent. However, you should verify the coverage map and consider whether you can afford to pay a few months in advance. Although multi-month savings may not be as appealing as Mint Mobile’s, it’s still worth looking into. Ultra Mobile offers more international features and the ability to roam, making it more attractive. Ultra Mobile works with most unlocked GSM phones, just like Tello. You can also bring your own device to Ultra Mobile.

  • $19 per month: Unlimited Talk, Text, and 1GB of LTE Data.
  • $23 per month: Unlimited Talk, Text, and 2GB of LTE Data.
  • $29 per month: Unlimited Talk, Text, and 5GB of LTE Data.
  • $49 per month: Unlimited Talk, Text, and Unlimited LTE Data.

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Ultra Mobile coverage

Ultra Mobile does not have its own network. It instead relies on T-Mobile’s network to provide coverage across the country. If you want to stream video and games without any latency issues, this is good news.

T-Mobile’s coverage is ranked third in the country according to our rankings. However, it also has excellent upload and download speeds.

Bottom Line: Ultra Mobile Phone Plans

Ultra Mobile is a great way to get T-Mobile coverage in your local area. If you have a phone that supports all network features, Ultra Mobile can be accessed at a very affordable price. You can also save up to one year by purchasing up to a full year in advance. T-Mobile coverage may not be the best all-around, so you might find your 5G experience is subpar if there isn’t much coverage. Ultra Mobile can be more costly than other services if you don’t sign up for the entire year.

Ultra isn’t perfect and it isn’t the cheapest. Ultra is a great option if you want international features. It has a lot of data at 40GB and 10GB hotspot data. Although 5G connectivity is not perfect, it shows how great it can be in the future. Also, it would be great to see video streaming limitations lifted or made optional for large phones.

Ultra Mobile is a great option if you travel or call abroad, and need plenty of data coverage and coverage back home. While you can save some money and get similar data and coverage, the majority of Ultra Mobile will not allow you to use all international features. Ultra Mobile is an excellent way to keep connected, even if you’re thousands of kilometers away from your home.

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