Ting Cell Phone Plans

Ting Cell Phone Plans

The Best Ting Cell Phone Plans in 2021

Ting is also known as an MVNO, or mobile virtual network operator. Ting Mobile acts as a piggyback carrier for another carrier, often at a lower cost to the consumer. Because they don’t have to own physical stores, hire large numbers of retail workers, or advertise, MVNOs are often cheaper. All US carriers have multiple MVNOs, and in this instance, Ting rides on Sprint’s CDMA network.

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Ting is an MVNO prepaid operator and offers plans that can be paid upfront, without contracts or cancellation fees. All Ting phone plans offer unlimited talk and text, and all Ting plans (except the Flex plan) include a 4G or 5G data allowance. Ting does not charge any overage fees for their data plans. Instead, once your data limit is reached, high-speed data will slow to 2G for the rest of your billing cycle. You can add a $5/GB data top-up to any plan except the Flex plan if you want to continue using high-speed data. The extra data will be carried over to the next month even if you don’t use it.

Ting plans allow mobile hotspot usage, however, this will reduce your primary data allowance, rather than a separate hotspot allowance. Ting phone plans come with unlimited international calling and texting. You can call or text people in more than 60 countries around the world.

ting cell phone plans

The $45 Ting Unlimited Plan offers unlimited data at a very affordable price. After 22GB of either 4G LTE data or 5G data, your data speed will slow to 2G the rest of the month. Although 22GB isn’t a lot of data, especially for a plan that is considered “unlimited”, it’s still a decent amount of data at a fair price. Most people will find it more than sufficient for their wireless needs. You also get unlimited international calling and texting at no additional cost.

  • Talk plans begin at $3 a month for 100 talk minutes and go up to $35 a month for 2,100 talk minutes
  • Text plans begin at 100 text messages for $3/month and increase to 4,800 text messages for $11 a month.
  • Data plans begin at 100MB for $3 a month and go up to 2GB for $20 a month then $10 per additional GB.

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Ting Mobile Coverage

Ting currently provides coverage using the Verizon and T-Mobile networks. When you sign up for service, you can choose either the T-Mobile network or the Verizon network. Multiple lines can be linked to different networks from one Ting account.

Ting International Calling & Data Roaming

Ting offers international calling and data roaming as part of their plans. These international features are not available in their current plans. These features will be available at new prices in February 2020.

Important to remember that international calling and data roaming must be enabled on your account within 90 days of becoming a Ting customer.

Bottom Line: Ting Phone Plans

Ting is not the right carrier for you if you want the best and most current stuff, or if $80 per month is too much for your smartphone use. Ting is best suited for casual users who only use their phones for texting, calls, and data. It could even be a great option for parents with children since you can save money in the future.

It is tempting to pick up a cheap Sprint phone such as the HTC 8XT for $30 per month or less. Ting, and by extension Sprint, would have a wider selection of phones and coverage that covers your home and work. Ting would still be an attractive option in 2015. It is easy to use their website, there are no hidden fees, and you only pay for what you use.

Ting and MVNOs offer a unique alternative to contract-based ‘big 4’ carriers. I believe it is worth paying attention to them. You may enjoy the experience as well, according to some forum members.

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