Best Cell Phone Plans in 2018

The results of the best cell phone plans of 2018 are here! We have analyzed dozens of mobile plans that will help you find the best plan that suits you: from family plans to unlimited plans at the best price.

The best cell phone plans this year are better than ever. It seems that the high competition of cell phone service companies has forced them to offer too much, so if you are looking to save money and have the best signal for data and voice, this is the best time.

According to our review, the best cell phone plans in the United States are:

  • T-Mobile One Plan: $ 70 per month unlimited LTE data with automatic payment (no taxes or fees).Better unlimited plan with great benefits. (complete review)
  • Cricket Wireless: $ 30 per month with 1GB 4G LTE, $ 60 per month for unlimited high-speed data (our Review of this company)
  • Boost Mobile: $ 35 per month with automatic payment, 3GB 4G LTE (our review)
  • Straight Talk: $ 35 a month, high-speed data
  • Sprint: $ 50 for the 1st line, $ 90 for the 2nd line, 3rd to the 5th line can be free. Sprint also offers new customers one year of free unlimited service.
  • Virgin Mobile: $ 50 per month with unlimited voice, text, and data with automatic payments. Virgin Mobile also has a year of free service with the purchase of the iPhone. Our review of this company.
  • AT&T: $ 60 per month with auto-payment, maximum speed of 3mbps, $ 90 per month unlimited 4G LTE with 22GB at fast speeds. AT&T review.
  • Verizon: The Go Unlimited plan starts at $ 75 per month, while the Beyond Unlimited plan starts at $ 85 per month, plus taxes and fees.

Best Cell Phone Plan recommended by users: T-Mobile

t-mobile one plans

T-Mobile offers these benefits in its T-Mobile ONE plan:

  • Unlimited 4G LTE data on the T-Mobile network
  • Voice, texts and unlimited MMS
  • Unlimited texts in more than 140 countries
  • Free roaming in Mexico and Canada
  • No Contract
  • 1 free hour of GoGo Wi-Fi on plane flights
  • Program T-Mobile Tuesdays: you get free stuff every Tuesday

>> Do not miss our full Review of the T-Mobile One plan

The users have spoken. The best company of cheap phone plans in 2018, is T-Mobile. This company has changed a lot in recent years.

In fact, its mission is to free phone service in the United States. This company offers you one of the best mobile plans without an unlimited contract: data, voice, texts and even free roaming in Mexico and Canada.

T-Mobile definitely has a lot to offer with this plan. This company has greatly improved its coverage in recent years, so do not let any experience of the past make you pass this cell phone plan.

You can combine this unlimited cell phone plan with the best cell phones of 2018 and get the most out of it.

Best 2018 No-Contract Plan: Mint SIM ($ 15 per month)

mint sim

MintSIM has a wonderful gimmick: It sells you three to 12 months of service on T-Mobile’s network at a time, in exchange for deep discounts. It often has some amazing limited-time promotions, but even the standard rates are great.

A three-month pack with unlimited talk, text, and 2GB of data runs $45, or $15 per month. The company also has 5GB and 10GB plans.

Cricket Wireless

cricket wireless logo

Cricket Wireless offers you AT&T service and coverage for a lot less money. In addition, this cell phone plan is prepaid and without a contract.

The basic 4GB Cricket Wireless plan includes high-speed data for a very low price: $ 40 per month. You can also take advantage of their unlimited data plan for $ 60 per month.

What we like the most about Cricket Wireless (apart from its coverage) is its discounts on family plans. You can have up to 5 cell lines for only $ 100, so if you have a family of 5 you can get cell phone service for only $ 20 a month each.

Best unlimited plan: T-Mobile One

t-mobile one

T-Mobile One is the best unlimited plan of 2018. You can listen to all the music and watch all the videos you want, without feeling that you are going to pay more for your data.

As a general rule, if you use more than 6GB on an individual line, you can save money if you use an unlimited plan.

As we mentioned earlier, the T-Mobile One plan is the best unlimited plan for 2018. Although it is a bit more expensive than other plans, it really offers you great benefits.

This plan offers you many benefits and is the closest to REALLY unlimited that we have seen in a cell phone company.

Benefits of the T-Mobile One plan:

  • Unlimited 4G LTE data on the T-Mobile network
  • Unlimited voice and texts
  • Unlimited text messages and data roaming and in more than 140 countries
  • Free roaming in Mexico and Canada (use your cell phone as if you were at home)
  • Cell plan without a contract
  • T-Mobile pays your bill for changing cell phone company
  • 1 hour of free Wi-Fi on flights with GoGo inflight Wi-Fi.
  • T-Mobile Tuesday Rewards Program: T-Mobile gives you free rewards every week just for being a customer
  • Included free: unlimited roaming data in more than 120 countries (perfect for travelers)

If you are looking for unlimited cell phone plans in the United States, you will also be interested in:

Cricket Wireless ($ 60 per month)

cricket wireless logo

Cricket Wireless offers an unlimited plan for $ 60 per month. For this price, you will have the AT & T data and voice network with an unlimited plan, which is very cheap.

However, you should know that Cricket controls the resolution of the videos (at a resolution of 480p). After using more than 22GB the data can get slow.

Boost Mobile ($ 50 per month)

Boost Mobile

Boost Mobile offers unlimited cellular service for $ 50 per month. You can have pre-paid plan works thanks on the Sprint voice and data network. This is the cheapest unlimited cell phone plan in 2018.

However, although the plan is unlimited, you will notice that the quality to play videos is low, although many people do not notice the difference because the cell phone screen is usually small.

Sprint ($ 60 per month)

sprint logo

Sprint offers an unlimited plan (with a contract) for $ 60 per month. You also get great discounts on family cell phone plans.

The reproduction of videos is in a standard definition with a maximum resolution of up to 1080, something that no other cell phone company offers.

However, we note that the data can get slow when you exceed 23GB, so it’s not really “unlimited”.

The use of a mobile hotspot with this plan in 4G is limited to 5GB per month. After that, you will pass at a speed of 2G.

Best prepaid plan: Cricket Wireless ($ 45 per month)

cricket wireless logo

If you want more minutes and less data, Cricket Wireless is a great option to consider, this service offers fast 4G service for only $ 40 per month ($ 35 if you choose automatic payments).

You can also send texts and make unlimited calls, all thanks to the reliable AT & T network. We have found that 4GB is enough for most people, according to these activities.

4 GB of data per month allows you to do ALL of these activities:

  • Send / receive 4,000 emails with attachments
  • Browse the web for 108 hours
  • Play music for 28 hours
  • Play video (standard) for 4 hours
  • Post 400 photos on social media

Another very good option if you are looking for a prepaid cell phone plan is:

T-Mobile ($ 45 per month)

t-mobile logo

The basic plan of $ 45 T-Mobile sounds too good to be true. This plan includes 5GB of unlimited data and texts and unlike many “basic” plans, it is available on smartphones, including the iPhone.

The basic $ 45 plan is quite difficult to locate on the T-Mobile page. In fact, it seems to be a hidden option. You can find it by visiting this page. Some users also comment that it can be activated in Wal-Mart.

A temporary disadvantage: T-Mobile recharges you $ 20 per initial SIM card kit for each new line.

Best family Phone plan 2018: Total Wireless


Total Wireless’s four-line plan costs just $25 per line for a grand total of $100 every 30 days, that price drops to $95 every 30 days when you enroll in autopay. That nets you 25 GB of shared data, which comes in at 6.25 GB of data per family member if you divide it equally.

Sure, a four-line family plan with unlimited data from Cricket Wireless costs the same ($100 each month or so), but your data speeds are limited to 3 Mbps right off the bat.

To put that in perspective, the 4G LTE speeds you get with Total Wireless range from 5–12 Mbps (until you hit that 25 GB soft cap).

If you are looking for family cell phone plans in the United States, you will also be interested in:

Cricket Wireless family plan

cricket wireless logo

A family of 4 or 5 members can save a lot on cellular service.

The Basic Cricket plan is excellent for most families. For just $ 100 a month, it’s the cheapest option for a family of four and you can add a fifth line with another 3 GB at no additional cost.

Cricket’s family plan offers 5 lines for only $ 100 per month. AT & T owns Cricket and this company uses the AT & T voice and data coverage network.

Your family can bring their own phone or buy a new one at a fairly low price. Also, you get your first free if you transfer your number from another company.

Sprint Family Plan

sprint logo

Second, we recommend the Sprint family plan.

You can save $ 5 per month per line when establishing automatic payments. However, Sprint coverage in some places is not the best.

Best basic cell phone plan 2018

Do you miss the old days when the phones were not smart? If you want a basic and simple cell phone plan, here we have the best options.

These plans offer the basics (calls and messages) with a minimum amount of data and at a reasonable price:

Republic Wireless


Republic Wireless uses a combination of Wi-Fi and phone networks for calls, messages and Internet data. This is different from other companies that use towers for their services.

This is useful if you do not have good coverage at home or work since you can make calls over Wi-Fi. Republic does not work on all cell phones, so this service is limited.

Pre-paid plans are a good option: with them, you avoid hidden charges.


metropcs cell phone plans

With MetroPCS, you get the same cell phone service as a T-Mobile plan.

The $ 25 Talk and Text plan is available for certain phones only and is a good alternative when searching for the best basic cell phone plan.


First of all, you should know how a plan works on your phone. Check your latest invoices and see how much you’ve spent on data per month, this will help you decide if you need a 4 GB plan or an unlimited plan.

Then pay attention to certain things like speed (transfer of load and download), promotions, among other features.

It is also very important to investigate the coverage area. Ask your friends what plan they use and how is their performance.

You can usually return the phone or cancel the service within two weeks. After all, saving you $ 10 a month will not be worth it if you have no signal at work or home.

According to our survey, most users use a data plan between 2GB or 5GB per month, so we have based our search on the best cell phone plans for 2018 with this in mind.

Best cell phone plans for 2018: Opinions

We hope that our guide on the best cell phone plans of 2018 will help you find the perfect cell phone plan so you can save money and get the data you need.

If you have any questions or doubts, leave us a comment and we will help you to get out of your concern.

What are the best cell phone plans in 2018? What is the cheapest cell phone plan of 2018? We want to know your opinion

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