Sprint Cell Phone Plans

Sprint provides the largest line of 4G LTE network and prepaid carriers probably since they offer great deals to their MVNO partners.

However, many large towns still lack the LTE coverage on the Sprint network. That mean, getting these MVNOs carriers available has resulted in some very stiff competition among them along with some quite unique plans in comparison with offers on other networks.

sprint cell phone plans

This Plan ncludes Mobile hotspot - Unlimited international texting - Keep your own phone.

Unlimited Talk

Unlimited text

4 GB Data


($45/mo without AutoPay)

sprint cell phone plans

This plan includes Free calling and texting to Mexico and Canada. - 10GB of Mobile Hotspot, VPN and P2P access each month. Video streaming is HD. - data may be slowed after 23GB of usage per month - Add up to 10 lines on one account - Bring your own phone

Unlimited Talk

Unlimited Text

Unlimited Data

1 Line - $50/mo

2 Lines - $90/mo

3 Lines - $90/mo

4 Lines - $90/mo

( Limited offer until 9/30/18)

Sprint has three prepaid phone plans, each plan comes with unlimited text and talk but with various amounts of web data. You receive 1GB of web data for $35 a month, 3GB for $45 a month, and 6GB for $55 a month. The plans contain 50 voice-roaming minutes every month.

Sprint has for sale 10 prepaid cell phones: the Moto E, refurbished iPhone 4s, HTC Desire 510, Samsung Galaxy S5, Samsung Galaxy SIII, LG Volt, Samsung Galaxy core prime, Alcatel One Touch Retro, LG Tribute and the Sharp Aquos Crystal.

Sprint Family Share Pack compares highly against what competitor carriers provide, especially if you can take advantage of promotions. Sprint is also sweetening the plan by waiving monthly access fees for 12 months; access charges vary between $10 and $40, based on the phone and the amount of the web data bucket.

The complicated part to remember it’s when considering Sprint deals are the monthly fees for funding your handset versus selecting the subsidized path. Phone access fees are fixed at $40 when you go the classic 2 years contract path with a subsidized phone. If you decide to pay by obligations or bring your personal compatible phone, and device access fees vary depending on which web data bucket tier you select. The more data you get, the less you spend per device.

Going the subsidized 2 years contract route, you will see an extra $35 tacked onto your monthly bill. Buying your phone outright via Sprint financing choice will cost $27.09 a month for 2 years.

Both of those choices are usually under the $40 access cost for subsidized handsets on Sprint family plan options; however the data buckets are cheaper as long as your family uses an average amount of web data.

For example, getting the 8GB plan for a family of 4 (2GB each) works out to $57.50 a month compared to $85-95 (the price is lower for apple iPhone users) a month an individual might purchase unlimited everything.

Sprint doesn’t offer a capped web data plan for individuals. The $60 a month for unlimited text, talk and 4G LTE data without extra monthly phone fee is a good deal along with the best plan available for people who are heavy video streamers and music.

The monthly fee reduces to $50 a month for apple iPhone 6 and 6 Plus customers on the iPhone for Life plan.

In comparison, T-Mobile offers 3GB of 4G LTE data (additionally unlimited text and voice talk and unlimited reduced speed data) for the identical $60, unlimited 4G LTE web data will cost you $80 with T-Mobile.

And, Verizon and AT&T no longer provide unlimited plans to new customers except people who are already grandfathered in with an unlimited plan.

What is not contained in Sprint unlimited plan is mobile hotspot service; tack on $10 for 1 GB a month of mobile hotspot web data, 2GB for $20 and 6GB for $50. By difference T-mobile unlimited web data plan includes 2.5GB for mobile hotspots.



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