Best Prepaid Cell Phone Plans 2021

Best Prepaid Cell Phone Plans 2019

If you have ever been caught out by a huge monthly cell phone bill and you want to make sure it will never happen again, then the prepaid cell phone plan is the perfect solution for you. A prepaid phone plan is the only way to control your monthly cell phone bill. A prepaid cell … Read more

Best Family Cell Phone Plans 2021

Best Family Cell Phone Plans 2019

When you are considering getting a new cell phone plan for your entire family there are a few ways to go about selecting the right one based on your needs and your current location.  So choosing the best family cell phone plan (also known as a group discount or shared plans) can be done by … Read more

Cricket Cell Phone Plans

Cricket Wireless Logo

Cricket wireless is a different kind of carrier. With Cricket, you get the best cell phone plan for your needs — pure and simple. The company prides itself on offering a variety of phone plans that are very affordably priced. And all of Cricket’s monthly rate plans have taxes and fees included in the price. That’s honest, transparent, monthly plan pricing, … Read more

Cricket Wireless APN Settings 

Cricket Wireless APN Settings 

If you have problems accessing the Internet from your cricket wireless smartphone, then you probably need to review the cricket wireless APN settings on your cell phone. In general, when the equipment is purchased directly from cricket wireless stores, they are already configured with the correct data to access the data network. But if you … Read more