Cricket Cell Phone Plans

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Cricket wireless is a different kind of carrier. With Cricket, you get the best cell phone plan for your needs — pure and simple. The company prides itself on offering a variety of phone plans that are very affordably priced.

And all of Cricket’s monthly rate plans have taxes and fees included in the price. That’s honest, transparent, monthly plan pricing, and it’s so different from what you are probably used to.

To top it off, they offer all the top features you want, such as unlimited talk and text and more 4G LTE cell phone coverage nationwide than T-Mobile, Sprint or Boost Mobile. Plus there’s no annual contract!

In order to use cricket wireless, you first need to buy a phone from them or you bring an unlocked phone compatible with the AT&T network. once you have a phone that will work with their networks, simply go online and order a SIM card compatible with your device.

Cricket wireless SIM card will run you about $10 but now there’s a special deal going on it so it will only be $0.99. The SIM card includes free two-day shipping which is super nice and it will allow you to get up and running in no time.

When you are placing your order for some card you’ll also be able to choose which plan you want. Cricket wireless offers five cell phone plans right now:

Cricket Wireless Plans

cricket cell phone plans

The most recognized Cricket Wireless plan is the Basic Smartphone plan that the company features in commercials for $30 with taxes and fees included.

  • 2GB – 2GB 4G LTE, Unlimited talk, and text – $30
  • 5GB – 5GB 4G LTE, Unlimited talk, and text – $40
  • Unlimited – Unlimited 4G LTE (3mbps cap), Unlimited talk and text – $55
  • Unlimited MAX – Unlimited 4G LTE, Unlimited talk, and text, – $55
  • Check out Cricket Wireless Cell Phone plans here

With the Unlimited option if you use more than 22GB of data in a billing period your speeds may be slowed. The Unlimited Plan also includes the option to add on 8GB of high-speed hotspot usage.

The Unlimited and Unlimited Max Cricket Wireless plans include unlimited talk and messaging to Mexico and Canada and Unlimited International texting. You can even use your phone in Canada and Mexico without outrageous fees. This excludes the Northwest Territories of Canada.

Turning on auto-pay will save you an additional $5 per month in your plan and will make sure there’s no breaking in your service, however, this discount is only available for plans with data so the $25 a month talking, text plan is excluded from this discount.

Cricket Family Plans

cricket cell phone plans

Family plans are also available and the more lines you have the more money you will save per month, to figure out what your total monthly cost first adds up the total cost of the plan and then subtract the discounts that are available, for instance, if you have a family of four and each person get the $40 a month, unlimited talk, text, and data with the 1GB data at 4G LTE speeds the total monthly cost will be “4 x 40 = $160”, now you subtracted discounts to find out what you’ll actually be paying.


  • for the second line, you’ll get $10 off.
  • for the third line to get $20 off.
  • for the fourth when you get the $30 off.

Total of -10 -20 -30 = $60 in savings

Your total monthly bill comes out to be just $100 per month for $25 per person, once you have selected the plan you want and place the order for your SIM card, cricket wireless will send you a confirmation email and will send you another email to let you know when your SIM card ships, once you have your prepaid SIM card simply follow the included instructions and go to to activate your SIM card before you inserted into your device, after you’ve completed the online activation process then you can insert the SIM card into your phone and start enjoying the cricket network.

The cricket GSM network runs off AT&T’s network so for me the service was top-notch. I had service wherever I went and call quality was superb and data speeds were perfect for doing anything on the go. When I full bars of LTE service, I got about 7 Mb per second down and 11 Mb per second up, well at 4G I got about 2 Mb per second down and 1 Mb per second up.

so those are the kinds of speeds you can expect during your 4G LTE data, after you’ve used up all of your 4G LTE data your speeds reduced and I was getting about 0.1 Mb per second down in about 1.3 Mb per second up, I found the speeds to be quick for fetching email, going on Twitter, browsing Reddit and sending iMessages.

For me the speeds are too slow to be able to do anything on the web, overall I can definitely recommend cricket wireless as a carrier they have excellent plans and great coverage thanks to AT&T’s wireless network.

If you’re looking for an exceptional data plan then look no further than for the wireless, if however you’re looking for more we talk and text plan that I definitely recommend AT&T 10 cents per minute plan with an optional texting package.

this will meet the needs of the lightweight communicator and if you need more you can go for the $25 a month plan which offers 250 minutes of talk time and unlimited text messaging which includes group messaging and picture messaging something the $25 a month cricket plan was lacking.


Cricket Wireless is truthfully one of the best carriers available. The plans are quite reasonably priced, the customer support is speedy and well-informed, and the prepaid phone options are varied.

In fact, their available plans can rival the plans of Straight Talk, Virgin Mobile, and many other Verizon MVNOs, if not most Verizon MVNOs. Moreover, you can get similar unlimited plan prices with Boost Mobile Unlimited and the unlimited AT&T GoPhone plan. Sadly, the LTE data has a speed cap, though the cap is quite high.