Visible Cell Phone Plans

Visible Cell Phone Plans

The Best Visible Cell Phone Plans in 2021

Verizon has recently acquired Visible, a new wireless carrier. Visible only offers one plan: Unlimited talk, text, and data over Verizon’s LTE network at $40 per month. Visible’s plan is cheaper than any unlimited plan directly from Verizon for many people. Visible does not have a brick-and-mortar store and sells its phones and services over the internet to save money.

Visible might be an option for you if you are a heavy data user who wants low-cost service over Verizon. You will need to be able to use Visible’s service with limited compatible devices and low priority during congestion. There may also be issues as Visible fine-tunes its service.

Visible Cell Phone Plans

Visible has a simple plan that costs $40 per month. There are no contracts, fees, or complicated features. This plan is a great option for anyone looking to access Verizon’s extensive 4G LTE network as well as its 5G network (assuming your phone supports it). Unlimited data, calling and texting are included, as well as unlimited hotspot data and coverage for most Americans.

Visible’s monthly costs are very affordable. However, it is even more affordable if you sign-up for more lines with Party Pay. You’ll pay $25 per month if you add four lines to your “party”. This is a great deal for friends, family, and roommates who want to save some money. Visible also offers unlimited hotspot data with a limit of 5Mbps. This will be enough for most people to use their laptops to watch SD videos, listen to music and work on their laptops.

visible phone plans

You can also call Canada, Mexico, and Puerto Rico. However, international roaming or other uses are not supported. Visible doesn’t allow domestic roaming and can’t access Verizon 3G towers. This plan might not be right for you if you frequently drive in the countryside or have poor coverage. Visible’s coverage map can help you be certain.

  • $40 per month: Unlimited Talk, Text, and Unlimited LTE Data.

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Visible Coverage

Visible provides coverage over Verizon’s 4G-LTE network. Visible also has excellent coverage because Verizon offers the best coverage of all national networks.

It is important to remember that Verizon has strong coverage across most of the country, but there are weak areas in the Northeast and the middle South as well as greater areas along the west coast and the western US.

You should check if your service is suitable for you if you are a Verizon customer. Check out the Visible coverage map if you don’t have service in your area.

Remember that the cost of a Verizon phone does not necessarily mean you will get a lower call quality or service. Verizon will offer the best coverage for your cell phone, and you’ll still get the same 4G LTE data connection as the “name brand” carriers.

Visible Data Speed

Visible will also be covered if Verizon has great coverage in your area. Visible says that you will “typically experience 4G LTE network speeds download speeds between 5-12Mbps and upload speeds of 2-5Mbps.”

These speeds were often surpassed in my tests around State College, Pennsylvania. For more information on the coverage of Verizon, you can visit the Verizon coverage map.

In most cases, Visible subscribers will experience speeds similar to direct subscribers. Speeds will depend on the strength of the Verizon LTE signal and congestion in your area.

Visible Phone Compitability

Visible requires that your phone supports digital services such as VoLTE. Support for older phones is very limited. Nevertheless, all iPhone models made after the iPhone 6 will work fine. iPhones with eSIm, iPhone 8, and later, can be activated with the Visible app without the need to order a SIM. Android eSIM support will be available later, but it has not been released yet.

Visible is compatible with most Android phones, as well as iPhones. VoLTE is a requirement. Unlocked Android phones may not work with compatible software, even though they appear to be working. Visible allows you to check the IMEI of your phone when you sign up for service. This list includes compatible Android phones with Visible.

Only a handful of phones will support 5G on Visible. Although the Samsung Galaxy S20 series and S21 series are compatible, the base S20 will not work with Ultra-Wideband 5G mmWave 5G. Both the Google Pixel 4a 5G and Pixel 5 work. Visible’s ZTE Blade X1 5G also works. To enable this feature, you may need to update the software on your phone. The iPhone 12 supports 5G.

Visible also offers a wide range of phones that will work for everyone. These phones include low-cost Androids, high-end Galaxy phones, and Pixels. You can sign up for Visible Swap to receive a compatible Android phone free of charge if you have an older phone. Your old phone must be returned within 15 days after you receive your new one.

Bottom Line: Visible Phone Plans

Visible is a great concept that makes sense to many people. It’s evident by the number of copycats that have been created that people love it. Visible’s service’s weaknesses will soon be fixed as more phones support Visible’s digital network. 5G also eases the load on the network. Visible service makes it easy to get the most out of your new phone. It allows data usage to be an afterthought.

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